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Lab 7 [PHY-127-40]

Metamorphic Rocks, Processes, and Resources

Parent (Protolith) the rock type that was metamorphosed
Recrystallization process whereby small crystals of one mineral will slowly convert to fewer, larger crystals of the same mineral, without melting of the rock
Neomorphism Minerals not only recrystallize but, also form different minerals from the same chemical elements.
Texture a description of its constituent parts and their sizes, shapes, and arrangements
Slaty rock cleavage flat foliation developed along flat, parallel, closely spaced shear planes in tightly folded clay- or mica- rich rocks --flat--
Slaty rock cleavage [foliated or non-foliated] foliated
Slaty rock cleavage [rocks] muscovite, chlorite
Phyllite texture a wavy and/or wrinkled foliation of fine-grained platy minerals that gives the rock a satiny or metallic luster; normally developed or perpendicular to a weak slaty cleavage, and it is a product of intermediate-grade metamorphism --wavy, wrinkled--
Phyllite texture [foliated or non-foliated] foliated
Phyllite texture [rocks] muscovite, chlorite
Schistosity scaly glittery layering of visible (medium to coarse-grained) platy minerals a/o linear alignment of long prismatic crystals; break along foliations; a product of intermediate-to-high grades of metamorphism --slaty, glittery--
Schistosity [foliated or non-foliated] foliated
Schistosity [rocks] micas, chlorite, tourmaline, hornblende, kyanite
Gneissic banding alternating layers of light & dark medium to coarse-grained minerals; Most form by high-grade metamorphism (including recrystallization) of clay or mica-rich rocks [shale] or igneous rocks [granite and dorite] --layers--
Gneissic banding [foliated or non-foliated] foliated
Gneissic banding [rocks] ferromagnesian-->dark bands & quartz, feldspars-->light bands
Crystalline texture a medium- to coarse-grained aggregate of intergrown, usually equal-sized (equigranular), visible crystals. --equigranular--
Crystalline texture [foliated or non-foliated] non-foliated
Crystalline texture [rocks] marble
Microcrystalline texture a fine-grained aggregate of intergrown microscopic crystals. --intergrown--
Microcrystalline texture [foliated or non-foliated] non-foliated
Microcrystalline texture [rocks] Hornfels
Sandy texture a medium- to coarse-grained aggregate of fused, sand-sized grains that resembles sandstone --fused--
Sandy texture [foliated or non-foliated] non-foliated
Sandy texture [rocks] quartzite
Glassy texture a homogeneous texture with no visible grains or other structures and breaks along glossy surfaces --no visible crystals--
Glassy texture [foliated or non-foliated] non-foliated
Glassy texture [rocks] anthracite coal
Polymorphs minerals have the same chemical composition but different crystalline structure and physical properties that can be used to distinguish them.
foliation layering and parallel alignment of platy (flat) mineral crystals
non-foliation no obvious layering; may exhibit stretched fossils or long, prismatic crystals that have grown parallel to the pressure field
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