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Chapter 19


You can see this only when the sun is at your back and it is raining in front of you rainbow
Phenomenon that makes objects appear higher or lower than they actually are mirage
The time after sunset or before sunrise when the sky is illuminated twilight
Another name for diffuse light scattered light
A ring of light encircling and extending outward from the sun or moon halo
Beams of light shining downward through breaks in clouds crepuscular rays
A white ring surrounding the shadow of an observer's head on a dew-covered lawn Heiligenschein
Colored rings around the shadow of an aircraft glory
A vertical streak of light extending above (or below) the sun sun pillar
A ring of light that appears to rest on the moon or sun corona
This can be seen near the upper rim of the sun at sunrise or sunset green flash
The apparent twinkling of a star scintillation
Formation of crepuscular rays scatterring
Formation of inferior mirage refraction
Formation of glory diffraction
Formation of halo refraction
Formation of blue skies scatterring
Formation of tangent arc refraction
Formation of cloud iridescence diffraction
Formation of sundog refraction
Formation of sunpillar reflection
Formation of corona diffraction
Formation of white clouds scatterring
Formation of star scintillation refraction
Formation of broken bow diffraction
Formation of hazy skies scatterring
Formation of blue moons scatterring
Formation of wet looking pavement on a clear, dry, hot day refraction
Formation of circumzenithal arc refraction
Formation of Fata Morgana refraction
If there was no atmosphere surrounding the Earth, the sky during the day would appear what color? black
When sunlight strikes an object and the light is sent in all directions, the light is said to be scattered
The bending of light as it moves through an object is refraction
The breaking up of white light by selective refraction is dispersion
The type of mirage that makes objects appear higher than they actually are is superior mirage
The bending of light as it passes around an object is called diffraction
For halos,tangent arcs, and sun pillar to form this must be present ice crystals
If you were standing on the moon, the color of the sky would be black
Which of the following processes must occur in a raindrop to produce a rainbow? refraction, reflection, and dispersion of sunlight
As light passes through ice,___ light is bent the least and is, therefore observed on the __ of halos and sundogs. red, inside
On a foggy night it is usually difficult to see the road when the high beam lights are on because of the __ light scattering
If you looked in the general direction of the sun you would not be able to see a rainbow
If the setting sun appears red you amy conclude that only the longest waves of visible light are striking yur eye
Clouds in the tropics tend to move from east to west. Consequently, which rhyme best describes a rainbow seen in the tropics? rainbow at the brak of dawn/ means, of course, the rain is gone
When distant mountains appear blue, it is mainly due to the __ of light scattering
Rainbows form in much the same way as a mirage (T/F) F
At sunrise in the middle latitudes, a sundog would appear in the west(T/F) F
The Fata Morgana is actually a type of mirage(T/F) T
When a star appears near the horizon, its actual position is slightly higher(T/F) F
The best time of day to see a rainbow is around noon(T/F) F
If the Earth had no atmosphere, the stars would be visible all the time(T/F) T
Small suspended salt particles, volcanic ash, and small suspended dust particles are all capable of producing red sunrises and sunsets(T/F) T
Secondary rainbows occur when two internal reflections of light occur in raindrops(T/F) T
The Heiligenschein is most easily seen at night(T/F) F
The best time of day to see the green flash is around noon when the sun's rays are most intense(T/F) F
The formation of a circumzenithal arc is similar to that of a rainbow(T/F) F
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