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Chapter 4


The density of water vapor in a given volume of air absolute humidity
Measures relative humidity with human hairs hair hygrometer
Combines air temperature with relative humidity to determine an apparant temperature Heat Index
Uses wet-bulb and dry-bulb temperatures to obtain relative humidity Sling psychrometer
The maximum pressure that water vapor would exert if the air were saturated saturation vapor pressure
Measures humidity by measuring the amount of infrared energy absorbed by water vapor infrared hygrometer
Used to cool he air in hot, dry climates evaporative cooler
The mass of water vapor in a given mass of air specific humidity
An invisible balloon-like body of air air parcel
The change of ice into vapor sublimation
Can be described as the percent of water vapor in the air compared to that required saturationn relative humidity
The lowest temperature that can be attained by evaporating water into the air is the wet-bulb temperature
The temperature to which air must be cooled for saturation to occur is called dew-point temperature or dew point
On most days the relative humidity reaches its highest value when the air temperature reaches its lowest or minimum
The circulation of water within the atmosphere is called the hydrologic
The process of water changing from a liquid to a vapor is called evaporation
Instruments that measure humidity are called hygrometers
When the air temperature increases, the saturation vapor pressure increases
The process by which water changes from a vapor to a solid is called deposition
Which is the best indicator of the actual amount of water vapor in the air? dew-point temperature
If the air temperature remains constant, evaporating water into the air will increase the dew point and ______ increase the relative humidity
Which best explains why in North America the Gulf Coast states are more humid in the summer than the coastal areas of southern California? the surface water temperature of the Gulf of Mexico is very warm
Polar air is considered "dry" because the dew-point temperatures are often quite low. However, the relative humidity of this cold, polar air is usually high because the air temperature and the dew point are fairly close together
As the air temperature decreases with no change in the dew point, the likelihood of condensation occurring increases
Which condition below would best describe supersaturated air? relative humidity is 110 percent
The relative humidity is a measure of the air's actual water vapor content(T/F) F
The temperature at which water boils is dependent mainly upon air temperature (T/F) F
On a hot, humid day, a good measure of how cool the human skin can become is the wet-bulb temperature(T/F) T
Relative humidity is always given as a percent(T/F) T
The ratio of the mass of water vapor in a given volume of air to the mass of remaining dry air describes the mixing ratio(T/F) T
If you turn on your oven and open its door, the increase in air temperature should raise the relative humidity inside your home(T/F) F
When the air is saturated, an increase in air temperature will cause condensation to occur(T/F) F
Suppose the air temperature inside you home is 78 F and lowered to 68 F. As long as moisture content inside doesn't change, the relative humidity should increase(T/F) T
The dew-cell determines the amount of water vapor in the air by measuring the air's actual vapor pressure(T/F) T
Near the Earth's surface at the same temperature and level in the atmosphere, warm humid air is less dense than warm dry air (T/F) T
All other factors being equal, increasing wind speed enhances evaporation(T/F) T
The change of state of water vapor into a liquid is called deposition(T/F) F
All other factors being equal, it should take slightly longer to cook veggies on a day the atmospheric pressure is low, compared to pressure being very high(T/F) T
If it rains at the surface, the relative humidity at the surface must be 100 percent(T/F) F
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