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Everyday Activities

pg. 230

to leave home いえをでる
to exercise うんどうする
to take a bath おふろにはいる
to wash one's face かおをあらう
to take a shower シャワーをあびる
to have a meal じょくじ(を)する
to become tired つかれる
to go out でかける
to make a telephone call でん話(を)する
to oversleep ねぼうする
to ride (a vehicle) のる
to work はたらく
to brush one's teeth はをみがく
to put on clothes ふくをきる
to take a rest; to take time off やすむ
to have dinner; to have supper ゆうごはんをたべる
to cook りょうり(を)する
breakfast あさごはん
to go いく
to get up; rise; wake up おきる
to shop かいもの(を)する
to return, go back かえる
to listen, hear, ask きく
to work しごとをする
to eat たべる
to sleep; go to bed ねる
to drink のむ
to speak, tell, talk 話す
dinner, supper ばんごはん
lunch ひるごはん
to study べんきょうする
to see みる
to read よむ
Created by: Seggebruch