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Pharmacology CH 7

Nursing Process in Pharmacology

Steps of Nursing Process Assessment, diagnosis, planning, interventions, evaluating care provided
What data is gathered during assessment Baseline, subjective, and objective
What are ways of planning through forming goals and outlines
Identify assessment data that is pertinent to medication administration health history, physical assessment data, lab values (other measurable data), asseesion of medication effects (theraputic and Side effects)
develop proper nursing diagnosis for clients receiving medication (when is it done, what does it do, must do) after analysis of assessment data, focus on problem, verified with client or caregiver
Why are diagnosis written to address clients responses related to drug administration
How do you set goals for a client receiving medication from diagnosis
What do goals focus onfor a client receiving medication what the client should be able to achieve
What do outcomes focus onfor a client receiving medication measurable criteria that will be used to measure goal attainment
Key interventions strategies to be implemented for clients receiving medication Goal client to be optimal level doing it safetly and effectivelly
Key intervention monitoring drug effects, doc, medication, client teaching,
Outcome of med. administration begins new cycle of care, diagnosis reviewed, goals outcome refined, new interventions
First step in the nursing process Assessment, diagnosis, planning, interventions, evaluating care provided
Begins with the nurse's initial contact with the client and continues with every interation therafter assessment
Used to compare to information obtained during later interations baseline data
what the clients say or pereives subjective data
gathered through physical assessment , objective data
lab test other diagnostic sources objective data
nursing judgments about the client and his or her reponses to health and illness ; second step in nursing process nursing diagnoses
provides basis for establishing goals and outcomes planning interventions and evaluating the effectiveness of the care given Nursing diagnoses
Diff b/t nursing diagnoses and medical diagnosis Nursing diagnoses focus on a client's reponse to actual or potential health and life processes; med. focus on disease or conditon
Per the N(north)A(american)N(nursing)D (diagnosis) A (association) nursing diagnoses provide the basis for selection of nursing interventions to achieve outcomes for which the nurse is accountable
Difficult part of the nursing process Diagnosis
KEY: pt. to remene about nursing diagnoses it focuses on client's needs not the nurse's needs.
Primary nursing role is to enable clients to ? become active participants in their own care; encouraging the client to take a more active role in working toward meeting the identified goals
Third step planning ; ways to assitst the client to return to an optimun level of wellness.
Goals are established to focus on >>> what the client will be able to do or achieve not waht the nurse will do.
objective measures of goals Outomes
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