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sociology ch. 14

Age stereotypes preconceived judgments and oversimplified categorizations of beliefs about the characteristics of members of different age groups.
What are the stereotypes for young and old people? young are carefree and old are unhappy, evil, or even childish.
Infantilization of elderly Stereotype causes people to speak to the elderly in infantile, demeaning tones.
What are some common stereotypes for the elderly? forgetful, set in their ways, meddlesome, conservative, inactive, unproductive, lonely, mentally dim, uninterested in sex, etc.
Age norms rules that spell out the expectations at a certain age. "act your age"
Age differentiation division of labor or roles in a society on the basis of age.
Age stratification hierarchical ranking of age groups. Some ensure different rewards, privileges, and power.
Age Cohort a group of people born during the same period. They share the same historical experiences.
generontology scientific study of old age and the problems that old people have.
ageism discrimination or prejudice of a person based on their age
general equity Whether one age group is unfairly taxed to support other age group
Life course perspective person attributes, roles, life events, and sociohistory is viewed.
Medicare Governmental assistance program to provide health services for older Americans
Medicaid Governmental assistance program that provides health care assistance for the poor, including the elderly
Caregiver Takes on the stressful job of taking care of an elderly person. Can result in elder abuse.
Euthanasia Act of killing a severely ill person as an act of mercy.
Hospice Movement Provide care for the dying and their family.
Age prejudice Negative attitude about an age group.
Age discrimination Different and unequal treatment based on age.
Quadruple Jeopardy Phrase referring to the simultaneous effects of being old, minority, female, and poor.
Functionalist theory and age Older people are less useful than middle age people who contribute to society.
Disengagement theory derived from functionalist theory, predicts that as people age, they drift apart from society
Conflict theory and age Assesses differences in age groups in terms of what they want. Competition still exists. Explains that children and old people is a way to bar them away from the job market.
Symbolic interaction and age Analyze the different symbol meanings for different age groups. Also analyzes how people manage death.
Life expectancy Probably number of years a particular group is likely to live on average.
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