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Sociology ch. 13

Sexology scientific study of sex and sexuality
sigmund freud He opened the door for people to make sex a study. He claims that sexual identity is a basic part of personality development.
Havelock Ellis saw sexual dysfunction as pathologically rooted. Labeled lesbians as crazy.
What percentage of teens become sexually active ? by age 19, 85% of men and 77% of women
Most accurate sexual study in the 1990's Laumann study
Social construction Pespective used by symbolic interaction theory to interpret sexual identity as learned, not inborn.
Sexual orientation How individuals experience sexual arousal or pleasure
Compulsory heterosexuality Idea that heterosexual identity is not a choice, instead it is forced through institutions, social sanctions, and peer pressure.
Coming out Process of defining oneself as gay or lesbian
Queer theory sexual identity is fluid and can be changed multiple times throughout one's life course. Society forces boundaries.
Sexual Politics refers to the link between sexuality and power. One cannot have a satisfying sexual relationship if one is powerless.
Homophobia fear and hatred of homosexuality. Learned attitude.
Heterosexism refers to the institutionalization of heterosexuality as the only socially legitimate sexual orientation.
Eugenics Movement 20th century sought to apply selective breeding to improve the offspring of the human race. It called for sterilization of people that the eugenics thought to be unfit.
Sexual Revolution refers to the widespread changes in roles of men and women and a greater public acceptance of sexuality as a normal part of social development.
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