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Sociology ch. 11

ethnicity social category of people who share common culture, language, religion, norms, etc.
race Primarily a socially constructed category where a group is treated differently based on skin color and other differences. biological characteristics do not define race, it is how they're treated.
Racialization Some social category takes on what are perceived society to be characteristics. Jews were racialized by Hitler as before they were an ethnic group.
Out-group Homogenity Effect Vague descriptions of people from other countries. Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, would all be Asian.
Minority group One distinct group that holds a low status because of discrimination and prejudice.
What are some similarities in minority groups? Suffers from prejudice and discrimination, membership in the group is ascribed, members feel solidarity
Stereotype interchangibility Stereotypes are interchangeable from one gender of race to another.
Prejudice judgement of a group that is help even when disproved. Many things influence prejudism such as media, family, friends, etc.
Discrimination Unequal treatment of members of a social group
Racism Perception and treatment of a racial or ethnic group by acting superior or violent.
Forms of racism Overt (physical assaults), Aversive (Avoiding interaction), Laissez (fair racism), color blind, Institutional (Negative treatement and oppression. job.)
stereotype Oversimplified set of beliefs about members of a social group
Salience Principle We categorize people by their most prominent feature
Residential segregation Separation of racial/ethnic groups into different residential areas
Scapegoat theory Members of the dominant group vent frustration about how they can't get a job due to mexican immigrants.
Assimilation A minority becomes socially, economically, and culturally absorbed within a society to overcome adversity and oppression. Asians have followed this and are the "model minority"
segregation spatial and social separation of racial and ethnic groups. Lower jobs, wages, protections under the law.
Functionalist and racism Minorities must assimilate into a society to be functional
Symbolic Interaction Theory and racism role of social interaction to reduce racial hostility
Contact theory Racial prejudice will be reduced if both groups interact more but only on three conditions.
3 conditions of contact theory people must be equal status, have long contact, and agree upon equality.
Conflict theory and racism The reduction of class inequality will reduce racial and ethnic conflict. Class shapes life chances
Intersection perspective Refers to interactive and combined effects of racism, classism, and gender of oppressed people.
Cultural pluralism Different groups in a society co-exist peacefully
Urban underclass Absolute bottom class
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