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sociology ch. 8


criminology study of crime from a scientific perspective.
Conflict theory on crime claims that disadvantaged groups are more likely to become criminals
What influences criminal attitude the most? Outside social influences
What fraction of crimes are reported? 2/3
What are the six index crimes? Murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, property damage
What is a gang? A small group of people with family-like bonds who protect their territory by committing crimes
What does race have to do with crime? Improves the chances of being arrested if you're not white
Personal crimes violent/nonviolent crimes directed at people.
Property crimes Theft or change of property w/o bodily harm.
Victimless crimes Violate laws but are not serious
Hate crimes Assaults or other malicious acts driven by bias, racism, or sexual orientation.
Elite Crime Criminal activities by persons of high social status. These crimes are usually committed at the job.
Organized crime Committed by organized groups, such as the mafia
Social differentiation Process in which different statuses develop in any group, organization, society. Cheerleader status, players, coaches, etc.
Social stratification Hierarchical arrangement in society by which different groups have access to different resources and power
Forms of stratification (3) Estate, caste, class systems.
Who came up with life chances and what are they? Max Weber and they are opportunities that people have in life by being in a particular class.
What are 5 things that affect class the most? income, wealth, education, occupation, location of residence
Marx defined classes by: Means of production, and 2 classes. Working class and capitalist class.
Compare capitalist class to working class working class sells labor for wages while capitalist class owns means of production
Who predicted a class struggle? Marx
What are the 3 things that weber added to social stratification? class (economic), status (cultural and social), power (political)
what differs weber from marx? Weber saw three more aspects to stratification while marx focused on the economical aspect.
Function perspective on class inequality Different classes are essential to society. Inequality motivates people to fill different positions in society that are needed to survive as a whole
Who claimed that the "dirty work" will be done by people who need jobs Herbert Gan
Status attainment people end up in a given position in the stratification system
What is socioeconomic status based off of? (3) income, occupational prestige, education
Noveau riche Upper-class members with newly acquired wealth
Class conflict Emphasizes power relations in society classes
Manegerial class Middle class.
Wealth Monetary value - debt
Income Amount of money brought into a household
Gender and class Majority of women are middle class
What percentage of death row inmates are black? 44
Are there more white people or racial minorities in prison? over half are racial minorities
at what percentage do federal prisoners are serving drug sentences? 60%
What percentage of women are black in prison? 57%
what percentage of women are pregnant or just had a baby that are in jail? 25%
How many inmates that were serving drug charges actually receive treatment? 20%
How full is the occupancy of the jail? 100%
Created by: Chelseagirl2508