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rocks and minerals

Earth and Space scince honors- rocks and minerals

What is an isotope? Atoms with the same numbers of protons as before, but different numbers of neutrons.
What occurs in an atom to produce an ion? When an atom has an electrical charge because of an unequal number of electrons and protons.
Although all minerals have an orderly internal arrangement of atoms (crystalline structure), most mineral samples do not visibly demonstrate their crystal form. Why? Some minerals do not visibly demonstrate their crystal form, because the way it cools and where it cools.
Why might it be difficult to identify a mineral by its color? Some minerals have multiple colors, sometimes occurring in the same sample, making it difficult to identify a mineral by its color.
If you found a glassy-appearing mineral while rock hunting and had hopes that it was a diamond, what sample test might help you make a determination? You would use Moh's Hardness Scale to preform a hardness test. A diamond is the hardest on the scale.
Explain why corondum makes a good abrasive in terms of the Moh's Hardness Scale. Corondum is a 9 on the Scale, so it can scratch anything but a diamond.
Gold has a specific gravity of almost 20. A five-gallon pail of water weighs about 40 pounds. How much would five-gallon pail of gold weigh? 20 x 5 = 100, so the answer is 100.
What are the two most common elements in Earth's crust? What is the term used to describe the basic building block of all silicate minerals? Silicon and Oxygen; Silicon-Oxygen: Tetrahedron
What are the two most common silicate minerals in Earth's crust? Feldspars and Quartz
List three nonsilicate minerals that are commonly found in rocks. Carbonates, Sulfates, Halides
Contrast a mineral resource and a mineral reserve. A mineral resource is a useful mineral that can be recovered for use. A mineral reserve is an already identified deposit from which minerals can be extracted profitably.
What might cause a mineral deposit that had not been considered an ore? If the economy changes or technology improves, a mineral deposit may be reclassified as an ore.
What is a rock? Any solid mass of mineral or mineral-like matter that occurs naturally as a part of our planet. (A rock is a mixture!)
List five characteristics that an Earth material should have in order to be considered a mineral. Naturally occurring, solid, orderly crystalline structure, well-defined chemical composition, and generally inorganic.
Created by: hazelherondale