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Sign of the Beaver


chink spaces between logs in a log house
daub to stuff a plaster like material into cracks between logs
drawl a different way of speaking a language
fell to chop down a tree
expedition journey made for a special purpose
passel a large number
solitary alone
pewter a mixture of metals that does not tarnish
blunderbuss a type of rifle
bough a tree branch
punchean table table with many uses
flint rock that when scrubbed creates sparks
proprietor someone who has legal title to land or a shop
fury rage or anger
bellow shout out
deprive stop from having
snorted breathed mostly through nostrils
boggy wet, spongy land
treaty a peace contract
gritty hard granules in something (like sand)
detested hatred
pesky annoying
incomprehensible can't understand
stout plump, stubby
nonchalantly unconcerned could care less
stalking secretly follow
heathen pagan,person who does not believe in a Christian God
brisk zippy or lively
grubby old or worn out
defiance open resistance to authority
rigid not flexible
puny tiny, small
stern severe
thrashing move violently
resentful full of anger
disdainfully to look down on someone
grudgingly unwilling
retorted a sharp or oral reply
disposition ones nature or tempermant
contemptuous disrespectful
sinew thin band of connecting tissue
pungent sharp acrid taste or smell
genial agreeable, cheery, or friendly
wampum small beads used as currency
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