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Science MG-90

Science Test B&R

An eclipse of a star by a body in the solar system is called a/an _____________. occulation
It is covered by ice and criss-crossed by thousands of thin cracks each about 30,000 miles long. It has a diameter of about 1,950 miles orbiting 417,000 miles from the planet every 3.55 days. Identify the fourth largest moon of the planet Jupiter. Europa
Identify the incorrect pairing listed below: Fornax-Furnace Norma-Rule Crux-Northern Cross Serpens-Serpent Crux-Northern Cross
It was announced in 1961 by President Kennedy. The world's most powerful rocket, Saturn V, was built to launch the Apollo spacecraft. Identify the US space project to land a person on the moon achieved July 20, 1969. Apollo Project
An orbit is the path of one body in space around another. Give the term for the point at which an object, travelling an elliptical orbit around the Earth, is at its closest to the earth. perigee
Name the Greek astronomer who was the first to argue that the earth orbits the sun. Aristarchus of Samos
There are two types of dating. Name the type that can be carried out by identifying fossils of creatures that lived only at certain times and by looking at the physical relationships of rocks to other rocks of a known age. relative dating
Deserts are arid with sparse vegetation and rainfall of less than 19.75 inches per year. They can either be hot or cold, Identify the type of deserts caused by the descent of air that is heated over the warm land and therefore has lost its moisture. tropical desert
A moraine is the rocky debris or till carried along and deposited by a glacier. Identify the type of moraine eroded from the side of a glaciated valley and carried along the glacier's edge. lateral moraine
A river is a large body of water that flows down a slope along a channel restricted by adjacent banks and levees. The point at which two rivers join is called the ______. confluence
Mammals are divided into groups. _________ are those where the young hatch from an egg outside the mother's body and are then nourished with milk. monotremes
A microorganism is a living organism invisible to the naked eye but visible under a microscope. This one is one of the simplest
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