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what different kinds of germs are there bacteria and virusews
what are some ways to reduce the spread of germs wash your hands, cough into your elbow, stay home if your sick
how does sickness and germs relate to food handling sickness and germs relate to food handing because if you keep your food outside it will get bacteria and could make you sick on the other hand if you keep your food in a cooler it will be good and not make you sick
what is the cell theory that all cells are livings things
what are the differences between plant and animal cells plant cells have chloroplast,chlorophyll,also plant cells do photosynthesis. The animal cell doesn't have the chloroplast or the chlorophyll and the plant cells don't need photosynthesis
what is a dependent/responding variable and a independent/manipulated variable a independent variable is something you change on purpose,the dependent variable is changed depedenting on the imdependent variable
what are the similarities/differences between the virus and bacteria viruses can reproduce like bacteria but they can only do that inside a host.bacteria can reproduce like viruses but they can reproduce anywhere as long as its in liveable condition. the similarites are they both are a single celled organism.
what are the characteristics of a virus,how do they reproduction,and how do they spread from person to person or one person to the other the chareteristics of a virus are the ball shape, they reproduce inside a host, they spread by droplet transmission
what are the diseases that have been eradicated smallpox,polio,chickenpox,measles,mumps,rubella,
Created by: tylerskelton