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APES test #2


Populations Members of species interact in groups
Community Populations of different species in area
Consumers Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, decomposers, detrivores
Aerobic resp Opposite of photosynthesis
Anaerobic resp Breaks down glucose in absence of oxygen
Rule of 90 B/c of 2nd law, 90% of energy is lost in form of heat
Indicator species Sensitive, indicates health of ecosystem, canary, fish
Keystone Producers, bees
Foundation Allows for more diverse ecosystem, elephants.
Founder / Pioneer 1st to arrive in new area, lichen
Succession Primary- no soil, secondary- soil exists
Climax community No new communities
Mutualism Win/win, bees
Commensalism Win/nothing, NEMO and sea anenome
Parasitism Win/lose,
Competition Predator/prey
Endemic species Only one location, big, close island has hi diversity
Eutrophication High NPP
Evolution Change of gene frequency In a population over time
Plankton Free floating, weakly swimming
Necton Fish, turtles, whales
Benthos Bottom dwellers, oysters
Decomposers Breaks down inorganic compounds
Euphotic, bathyal, abyssal Surface, middle, dark bottom
Littoral Near shore, shallow
Limnetic Open, offshore, sunlit
Profundal Deep, too dark
Benthic Bottom of lake, nourished
Created by: 123livefree