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Science 5-8

Science notes

How many cells do fungi have they are uni-cellular
Are fungi eu or pro EUkaryotic
what is their body made out of hyphae
whats a spore a waterproof cell used for reproduction
whats a enzyme help break down food and anchor fungi into ground
name 3 ways fungi are classified club fungi basidium sac fungi ascus spongorium fungi spongorium
culvaited mushrooms important crop non poisonus
can cause disese dutch elm deasise apple scab atheletes foot
budding used by yeast
Natures.... recyclers
protists are eu or pro Eukaryotic
protists are Uni or multi Uni cellular
Protists are found in.. moist areas
protists are (or aren't) considered bacteria
3 protists are animal like plant like fungi like
protists are p d c or all 3 and contain Producers and contain chlorophyll
Protits are found in salt and fresh water
Protists start the water food chain
examples of protists are eunglena paramecium amoeba diatoms sea luttuce
protists are also called protozans
animal protists use cilla flaglleum pseudopods
fungus like protists are c d or p decomposers
fungus like protozans are ____ molds and ___ ___ water slime molds and downy mildew
protists are helpful because they start the food chain and they aid in digesting wood and recyle nutrients into the food web again
protists are harmful because can cause sicknesses
are monereans pro or eu prokaryotic
are monereans multi or uni uni cellular
monereans are able to live anywhere
are monereans p d c or all all 3
monereans shapes are cocci- round baccili- rod spirilla- spiral
some examples of monereans are strepococci tetanus strep throat
fission is when 1 parent cell splits into 2 daughter cells taht are identacl to the first
asexual reproduction is used by monereans are protists
monereans are helpful because aide in digestions clean oil spills start off food chain fix nitrogen
monereans are harmful because cause harmful desieases
pathogens cause desieases
virus small peice of genetic material that is surrounded by a protien coating
viruses. are living or nonliving nonliving
ex of virus are flu cold chicken pox
eyepiece at the top (oclular lens 10x************)
bodytube hollow part which light pases through
nosepeice holds objective lens
objective lens each lens has a different magificaion. to find the power, you multiply the power ob the objective ens by the ocular lens**
arm one hand holds arm, other under the base when carying
coarse adjestment focuses the image
fine adjestment makes image sharper
diafram changes the amount of light entering the body
base bottom of the microscope
veiwing objects start with lowest zoom to get largest feild of veiw and you will findy many organisms.
to get to a higher power first center the object
move the slide so the pointer is pointing at the object
when going to higher power the object will be in center veiw
higher power gets you to see structures more detailed but the veiw feid is smaller
Created by: Mimi_