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Science Quiz


What is a biome? An area of the Earth with a specific climate, soil type, and plants and animals
Forest Biomes: Coniferous Forest Temperate Deciduous Forest, Tropical Rainforest, Boreal Forest
Deserts: Cold Desert, Hot Desert, Chaparral
Grasslands Temperate Grasslands, Savanna, Tundra
Other: Polar Regions, Mountains
Aquatic: Freshwater Wetlands, Freshwater Ponds and Streams, Open Ocean, Marine Costal
Climate is... The average yearly rainfall and temperature in an area
Soil is... Broken rocks and organic matter
Adaptation is... A body part or behavior a living thing has to survive
Why do we have different climates? Nearness to the equator and elevation
Good soil should have: Organic matter, Lets water flow through, Air space
Some examples of adaptations: Fish have gills to breathe, Cats have tails to balance, Cheetahs have speed to catch prey
Alfred Wegener was ____________ who thought ____________ Was a German scientist , Though that all of the continents were once together
He used this evidence: Glaciers, Rocks, Fossils
Created by: 1301583