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LWT 210

Public Service Announcement

What is so important about the relationship & connection of Vitamin C and Iron? Vitamin C helps with absorption of Iron.
What is the Iron RDA for women? 18 mg.
What is the Iron RDA for men? 8 mg.
What is/are consequence(s) of iron deficiency? Reduced attention span & resistance to infection, hair loss, mental retardation, weakness / fatigue.
The RDA in women for Vitamin C is what? 75 mg.
The RDA in men for Vitamin C is what? 90 mg.
What is/are consequence(s) of Vitamin C deficiency? Slow recovery from infections; fatigue; depression; weakened blood vessels, cartilage; poor wound healing.
Why is Vitamin C so important for a youthful appearance? A manufacturer of collagen, the main structural protein of connective tissues (reducing the appearance of wrinkles!) vitamin C is pivotal in the repair of wounds and serves as an antioxidant, blocking damage done by free radicals.
Smokers require more vitamin C than non-smokers because... Causes free radicals, and a lot of damage to your tissues and skin. Doing this additional damage to your body requires more work to repair, thus requires more antioxidants which are found in vitamin C.
Vitamin C and its supplements have been proven to shorten the duration of the common cold. True. . It does shorten the amount of time and even the severity, but does not prevent the reoccurrence (frequency) of the common cold.
When consuming canned fruits you get the same amount of vitamin C as eating them fresh. False. You lose 50% of your vitamin C when consuming canned vs the fresh. Vitamin C’s potency is decreased when exposed to air and heat. You get much higher amounts from fresh fruits.
What mineral is a component of two important proteins, myoglobin (muscle) and hemoglobin (blood) that stores and carries oxygen in our bodies? Iron. Without sufficient amounts of iron, your body won’t function appropriately. Iron is required to make these important proteins.
What would be three reasons for low iron levels? Blood loss, poor diet (lacking red meats, beans, spinach), or medical reason for not absorbing the iron in your diet.
Can you get iron from any other means other than food? Yes. By using iron and stainless steel pans you can increase the iron content of food. The pans actually release iron when you use them during cooking.
What is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world? Iron deficiency. Iron intake levels are low in women and children of the US.
What are the side effects of Vitamin C overdose? Nausea, cramps, diarrhea and may increase risk of kidney stones.
What are some good food sources of vitamin C? Oranges, tomatoes, broccoli, grapefruit, limes and strawberries.
What symptoms may appear if too much iron is consumed? Vomiting, skin turning blue, liver and heart damage, atherosclerosis, lowered zinc absorption and iron poisoning.
What are good food sources of iron? liver, beef, pork, spinach, bread and prunes.
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