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nutrorama 7th

nutrition vocab and notes

nutrient small parts of food that help you grow
calorie amount of energy in food(number)
metabolism rate at which our body converts food to energy
carbohydrate nutrient that makes up most of your energy needs
simple carbs quick energy carb. honey, fruits
complex carbs hard to digest carb. long lasting energy
protein nutrient that builds and repairs tissue in body
fats most concentrated form of energy. should be limited
vitamins organic compounds that control body functions
vit. A vitamin good for healthy hair and skin
vit. C good for healthy immune system. fights germs
vit. B12 good for concentration, memory, balance
minerals elements in nature that are essential for good health
iron mineral for healthy blood. oxygen to cells
calcium mineral for strong teeth and bones and muscles
zinc mineral good for healthy hair
iodine mineral good for healthy thyroid gland
water nutrient that helps carry nutrients and removes waste from body.
dehydration lack of water in body
diet pattern of eating habits a person has on a daily basis
digestion process in which the body breaks food down into smaller pieces
food pyramid chart that shows the amount of serving to eat of each food group
food labels info on food items that helps you make good eating decisions
body image how you feel about your body
self esteem how much you value , respect, and have confidence in yourself
obesity extremely high body fat percentage. extreme over weight
anorexia disorder of self starvation in an attempt to lose weight.
purging getting rid of food by throwing up
bulimia disorder where a person eats and purges to lose weight.
Created by: husker2000