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Fourth Grade Science ~Lesson 1

hypothesis An educated guess
nutrients Materials needed by living things for growth
reproduce To produce offspring of the same kind
roots Structure that holds the plant in the ground. They also provide the plant with water and nutrients that are dissolved in the water.
stems Structure that carries water and nutrients from the root to the rest of the plant.
leaves The part where the plant produces food (food factory)
adaptation A change in a plant or an animal that makes it better suited to survive in its environment
chlorophyll The green coloring matter of plants that traps energy from the sun and is needed by plants for making food.
photosynthesis Process by which green plants make food.
respiration Using oxygen to change food into energy.
Name the parts of a plant. Stem, leaves, roots
What does a plant need to grow? nutrients, sunlight, air, water and a place to grow.
Green plants make ______ by a process called ____________. food photosynthesis
__________ are the main place where photosynthesis takes place. Leaves
During photosynthesis, plants use ___, ___ and _____ to make sugar and oxygen. sunlight, water and carbon dioxide
This type of sugar is only made in cells that contain a green substance called ____. chlorophyll
Explain the process of a how a plant grows from a seed A seed is planted in the soil. The root system starts. The seed begins to sprout. The seedling grows stronger. The grown plant buds. The pretty flower blossoms. Eventually a seed travels to the ground & the cycle continues.
Created by: Mdankese