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Test 3 Reproductive

how does the nurse demonstrate compassion w ED? offer emotional support, ensure confidentiality, have both parties present.
how often is mammo recommended? beginning at age 40 every 2 yrs, after 50 every year.
Herpes simplex occurs in both genital and oral. Determine similarity and difference. 1-mouth. 2-genital. Can transfer to each area.
can a person spread asymptomatic syphillis? yes
at what age does woman start SBE? Men TSE? SBE- 18-20. TSE- 12-13
PID can lead to infertility, how? it can cause adhesions and strictures in fallopian tubes, can obstruct fallopian tubes
Explain risk factors for breast ca. Fam hx, over 50, female, BRCA gene, nulliparity, 1st child >30 yrs old, early menses <12 yrs old, personal hx of female cancers, colon ca.
what instructions are important to include w ED meds, including use, and concurrent use w other meds? Causes muscle relaxation to increase blood flow , so don't take nitrate drugs with it or it could bottom out BP. dont take if have cardio dx. take 30-1 hr before activity.
What is PSA? Why ordered and at what age is it started in early detection of ca? Prostate specific antigen.The PSA test measures the blood level of PSA, a protein that is produced by the prostate gland. The higher a man’s PSA level, the more likely it is that he has prostate cancer. Age 50
Describe a BSE Palpate breast in circular motion in shower, usually after period is over so breasts aren't lumpy and tender. Report any lumps, discharge, pain
S/sx of breast ca hard lump, dimpling skin, nipple d/c or retraction, altered breast contour, pain, ulcerations, change in skin color/texture.
Define menorrhagia, tx excessive bleeding > 7d. tx: oral estrogen/progesterone, or ablation.
define dysmmenorrhea, tx abd cramp/pain assoc w flow. tx: heat, drug therapy (Naproxen and oral contraceptives)
What is secondary dysmenorrhea It is caused by PID.
How does tx differ from viral vs bacterial STD viral- never goes away. Bacterial- treatable if caught early enough.
When should paps be started, and how often performed? Age 21, every 3 yrs. 30-65 needs HPV co-testing w pap.
What does a pap screen for? cervical cancer
What is a cystocele? Support wall btwn bladder and vagina weakened.
what is a rectocele? support wall btwn vagina and rectum weakened.
tx for rectocele/cystocele? kegel exercises, or surgery to tighten vag wall. (colporrhaphy)
What age group is most affected by testicular ca? 15-35
Why would a person choose a vaginal hysterectomy over a TAH? when vaginal repair needed in addition to removal of uterus.
What nursing care is done w a pt w radium implants? No pregant or small kid visitors. Keep supplies close to bedside. Bedrest w as little movement as possible. Remind pt that she isn't radioactive. Secretions ARE radioactive. Stay as far away from pt when performing care. Stay at door when can.
Define ED. Inability to attain or maintain erection that allows satisfactory sex performance.
Risk factors of ED Vascular disease (most common), DM, med side effects, neuro sx, depression, anxiety, stress, drugs, nicotine.
Tx for ED oral drugs, vacuum, intraurethral devices, penile implant (last option)
What assessment data important to collect w pt who has menorraghia age, hx, change in lifestyle
Why is the person w gonorrhea at risk for PID B/C gonorrhea and chlamydia is the most causative organism of PID.
How is herpes spread? Is it ever cured? Physical contact. never cured.
Why is ovarian ca usually dx late? There are not tests to screen for it.
How does one prevent uterine prolapse, cystocele, rectocele? Kegel exercises, and can get a "pessary" device placed in vagina to help support uterus.
List most common sites of metastasis w breast ca. Why? @site in skin or chest wall. Lymph nodes, brain, spinal cord, skeletal, bone marrow, pulmo, and liver. Primarily occurs thru axilla lymph nodes
Explain medical tx/care for prostate cancer hormone therapy (androgen deprivation therapy), radical prostatectomy, chemo (external beam), brachytherapy (radioactive seed implants.
common site of prostatate cancer spreading? bone
Differentiate btwn ED, impotence, and sterility. ED and impotence are the same..inability to attain/maintain erection for good sex. STERILITY is inability of male to produce viable sperm to fertilize egg.
Cottage cheesy substance appears with which STD candida
vesicles and erosions appear w which STD Herpes
Dysuria, vag discharge and urethritis occurs w which STD Gonorrhea. Men usually have sx right away, women often go asymptomatic.
Why are men on ED meds cautioned about nitrate meds and other bp meds? ED meds w Nitrates or bp meds can bottom out BP.
Warts appear w which STD Genital warts, HPV
Name common screening tools rx'd for reproductive health and when indicated. pap-21, bse-18-20, tse 13-15, psa >50, mammo 40,
most common med used to tx uncomplicated yeast infections? How rx'd? Metronidazole in cream form, and diflucan 150mg in pill form x 1 day.
explain medical hx/family hx that would increase your risk for breast ca fam hx female ca or colon ca, Brca gene.
why are reproductive hormones and estrogen contraindicated in a woman who has reproductive cancers increases risk of breast ca.
why are lymph nodes examined w breast ca? to see if nodes have ca. It is also important in determining stage of ca, and to see if it has spread.
why must a woman who desires balloon therapy prove sterilization? it makes you infertile.
How does bph and prostate ca differ? If one has one, are they at risk for the other? BPH doesn't spread. Prostate ca can spread to pelvis and bone. BPH doesn't raise chance of prostate ca.
what is a TURP Trans urethral resection of prostate. REMOVAL OF PROSTATE TISSUE
what type of anesthesia is most often used when a TURP is performed, why? Spinal/general anesthesia...because procedure goes thru urethra. ouch.
what type of anesthesia used for radical prostatectomy? spinal or general
what is first indication of prostate problems Urinary sx. Frequency, dribble, hesitancy, nocturia.
what are your cares for a man immediately post op for prostate surgery? main concerns are hemorrhage, bladder spasm, urinary incontinence, infection. bladder irrigation to remove clot blood, and urine drainage. watch for bright red clots. observe for s/sx infection, pain control.
why is Belladonna rx w prostate surgery relieves bladder spasm and reduces pain.
Why does smoking increase risk of cardiac event w someone on birth control? Increase risk of CVA and heart attack
if someone is latex allergic what bc can be selected? oral contraceptive
Abstinence is best form of bc, what method is most effective for rest of us? Natural fam planning?? Not sure...
Explain the gleason scale? Gleason scale is what pathologists use to grade prostate ca. 1- looks like normal tissue. 5 is very abn growth. 2 most commonly occuring cells are graded and added together. 2-10 possible
why would a dr choose to "watch" and elderly man w score of 1 on gleason scale b/c risk of surgery may outweigh benefit w an older man.
What position used for prostatectomy? lithotomy most common
why is a digital rectal exam performed on male pt? to palpate the prostate, feel for masses or enlargement.
what is ditropan rx for? bladder spasm
why would you look for belladonna on a MAR? reduce spasm, pain
what is metrorrhagia irregular bleeding btwn periods.
hysterectomy is removal of... uterus
OOpherectomy is removal of... Ovaries
salpingo-oopherectomy is removal of... fallopian tubes and ovaries.
partial hysterectomy still has.. ovaries
Total hysterectomy is removal of... uterus and cervix.
Benign ovarian tumors are classified as what? (2) cysts (soft) or neoplasms ("new growth")
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