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Anatomy chap 8

terms for all the muscles and anatomical positions

massetor zygomatic arch mandible closes jaw
sternocleoimastoid sternum and clavicle temperal bone flexes neck
pectoralis major clavicle, sternum and trus ribs proximal humerus adducts upper arm anteriorly
pectoralis minor ribs scapula pulls shoulders down and forward
external oblique lower 8 ribs ilium and pubic compresses abdomen
trapezius occipital and upper vertebrae clavicle and scapula raises or lowers shoulders
latissimus dorsi lower vertebrae and lower ribs humerus extends and adducts the upper arm posteriorly
deltoid clavicle & scapula proximal humerus abducts upper arm
biceps brachii scapula proximal radius flexes forearm
triceps brachii scapula and humerus proximal ulna extends forearm
rectus femoris ilium patella and tibia flexes the thigh and extends the lower leg
gluteus maximus ilium and sacrum femur extends thigh
thigh adductors pubic and ischium femur adducts thigh
tibialis anterior tibia tarsal and metatarsal flexes & inverts foot
gastrocnemius lower femur Achilles tendon extends foot & flexes lower leg
soleus tibia & fibula Achilles Tendon extends foot
temporalis temporal bone coronoid process elevates mandible
zygomaticus zygomatic bone orbicularis oris compresses the cheek inward
teres minor lateral border of scapula greater tubercle of humerus rotates arm laterally
teres major lateral border of scapula groove of humerus extends humerus or adducts and rotates arm medially
rhomboideus spines of upper thoracic vertebrae medial border of scapula raises and adducts scapula
tesor fasciae anterior iliac crest fascia of thigh abducts, flexes and rotates thigh
sartorius anterior superior iliac spine medial surface of tibia flexes leg and thigh, abducts thigh
vastus lateralis greater trochanter patella by tendon extends leg at knee
semitendinosus ischial tuberosity medial condyle of tibia flexes leg
biceps femoris ischial tuberosity and posterior surface of femur head of fibula extend thigh
semibembranosus ischial tuberosity medial condyle of tibia flexes leg
gluteus medias lateral surface of ilium greater trochanter of femur rotates thigh medially
brachialis anterior shaft of humerus coronoid process of ulna flexes forearm at elbow
rectus abdomen pubic bone ribs and sternum compresses abdomen; flexes trunk
brachioradialis distal lateral ends of humerus lateral surface of radius above styloid process flexes forearm at elbow
gracilis lower edge of pubic symphysis medial surface of tibia adducts thigh, flexes and rotates lower limb medially
extensor digitorum longus lateral epicondyle of humerus posterior surface extends fingers
calcaneal tendon
orbicularis oculi wall of orbit skin around the eyelid closes eye
orbicularis oris muscle fibers around the mouth skin at the corner of the mouth closes your lips