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European Portuguese garden

o carrinho de mão wheelbarrow
a colmeia beehive
o caracol snail
os tijolos bricks
o pombo pigeon
a pá spade, trowel
a joaninha ladybird
o caixote do lixo dustbin
as sementes seeds
o barracão shed
a minhoca worm
o aspersor de rega sprinkler
a enxada hoe
a vespa wasp
a relva grass
o carrinho de bebé pram
a escada ladder
a fogueira bonfire
a mangueira hose
a estufa greenhouse
os paus sticks
o ninho bird's nest
o ancinho rake
a lagarta caterpillar
o fumo smoke
a árvore tree
as folhas leaves
o caminho path
o cortador de relva lawnmower
a forquilha garden fork
a sebe hedge
o osso bone
o regador watering can
Created by: usch64