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World Geography

Chapter 7 and 8 Vocab

megalopolis A very large city; a region made up several large cities and their surrounding areas, considered to be a single urban complex.
Mangrove A tropical that grows in swampy ground along coastal areas.
Bayou A marshy inlet or outlet of lake or a river.
Fall Line Imaginary line between the Appalachians Mountains and their Atlantic coastal plain, where rivers and streams form waterfalls and rapids as they descend from higher elevations to the coastal plains.
Sunbelt The southern and southwestern states of the United States, from the Carolinas to southern recently, rapid population growth
Humus The organic material that results when plants and animals that live in the soil die and decay.
Growing Season In farming the average number of days between frost of spring and the first frost of fall.
Grain Elevator A tall building equipped with machinery for loading, cleaning, storing, and discharging grain.
Grain Exchange A place where grains is bought and sold as a commodity.
Tundra A dry, treeless plain where temperatures are always cool or cold and only specialized plants can grow
Aqueduct A large pipe or channel designed to transport water from remote source over a long distance.
province a territory governed a political division of a country
maritime bordering on or near the sea; relating o navigation or shipping
lock an enclosed sectin of a canal, in which a shipnmay be raised or lowered by raising or lowering the level of the water in that section
bedrock the solid rock underlying the earth's surface
separatism a movement to win political, religious, or ethnic independence from another group
secede to withdraw formally from membershiping a political or religious organization
customs fees charged by a government on imported gods
tariff a tax imposed by a government on imported goods
NAFTA North america free trade agreement, which phase out trade barriers among the united states, Canada, Mexico
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