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Human Impact

Topic 2 Year 9

What is combustion? When a fuel is burned in the presence of oxygen to release energy (heat, light). Needs a lot of oxygen in order to stay lit for a long period.
What are the products of combustion? Carbon dioxide and water as waste products.
Is oxygen essential in combustion? Yes.
Is combustion reactaions a major contributor towards air pollution? Yes.
General word equation for a complete combustion. Hydrocarbon fuel + Oxygen = Carbon dioxide + Water + Energy
Examples of word equations for complete combustion. Methane + Oxygen = Carbon dioxide + Water Butane + Oxygen = "" + " Oxtane + Oxygen = "" + "
General word equation for incomplete combustion. Hydrocarbon fuel + (less) Oxygen = Carbon monoxide + Water + Energy
Examples of fossil fuels. Coal, oil and natural gases.
Why are fossil fuels a non-renewable resource? Because once all the available resources of fossil fuels have been used, it cannot be replaced.
Why do fossil fuels contain carbon? Because of the geological processes involved in the making of the fuel acting on the buried remains of the particular organism. As the organism was once alive, it took in carbon in order to survive, hence where the origin of carbon came from.
Explain why the burning of fossil fuels is a combustion reaction. It is because fossil fuels are primarily composed of hydrocarbons which is needed in order for a combustion reaction to occur. These f fuels are then combined with oxygen and release the products of carbon dioxide and water (combustion reaction products).
What is the 'greenhouse efffect'? It's the warming of the earth's surface by heat being radiated towards it from the atmosphere, whilst the moajority of the heat is radiated towards space.
Why is the waste product of fossil fuels a contributor towards the greenhouse effect? Because the burning of fossil fuels result in one of two products, carbon dioxide.The CO2 adds more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, therefore increasing the temp in atmosphere and in turn, increase of temp on the earth's surface.
Is acid rain a pollutant produced by industries? Why or why not? It is because sulphur dioxide is emitted into the air (burning of coal and extracting metals for sulphide ores) and nitrogen dioxide gases (petrol from cars/trucks). NO and SO dissolve into water droplets, produce sulphuric and nitric acid. Acid rain form
Harmful effects of acid rain? Longterm: lower pH level in rivers and lakes, serious effect on fish population (fatalities) and plants (soil affected). Weather away old buildings and statues.
One word equation for the production of acid rain. Sulphur dioxide + Water = Sulphuric acid
Word equation for acid on metal reactions. Acid + Metal = Salt + Hydrogen Magnesium + acid = Magnesum chloride
What occurs in an acid on metal reaction? Hydrogen gas and salt is the products of an acid and metal. Whenever a metal is mixied with an acid, the salt of the metal forms.
Word equation for acid on carbonate? Acid + Carbonate = Salt + Carbon dioxide + Water
What is corrosion? The name given to metals in which they dissolve away. It is the degradation ('eating away') of metals so it loses its strength and becomes unable to fulfil its intended purpose.
Ways to stop corrosion from occurring? Stopping oxygem or water from reaching the metal. Cover the metal with grease, oil, tair, wax, paint or another metal. Air conditiong in buildings.
Word equation for rust? Iron + Water + Oxygen = Rust
Created by: alyssarey