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list 12

act/sat prep

imposture fraud;deception
incantation chanted words of formula
incongruous lacking harmony or agreement
incontrovertible facts that left the jury but with no choice but to convict
incorrigible not able to be corrected or changed
incumbent a person who holds a particular office or position
indignity an act or occurrence that hurts someones dignity or pride
indiscernible impossible to see, hear or know clearly
indomitable impossible to defeat or discourage
ineffable too great, powerful, beautiful,etc, to be described or expressed
infallible not capable of being wrong or making mistakes, not fallible
ingratiate to gain favor or approval for (yourself) by doing or saying things people like
inimical likely to cause damage or have a bad effect: not friendly
insipid not interesting or exciting; dull or boring
insouciant showing a casual lack of concern
intemperate having extreme conditions
inveterate always or often doing something specified
irascible becoming angry very easily; having a bad temper
jaunty having or expressing a lively, cheerful and self-confident manner
jurisprudence the theory or philosphy of law
Created by: fhs86
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