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mitosis and cell

mitosis is the process in which cells mulitpy and divide creating new cells
in mitosis identical chromosomes aligned and pulled apart by fibers just before cytoplasm
what is mitosis to create wo identical daughter cells that are gentically identical to the parent cell
what kind of cells would perform mitosis somatic cells all body cells except ( gamatic cells
what hold the chromsomes together centromeres
which phase is not part of mitosis interphase
what does interphase involve synthsis of new orgenelles (G1- S- G2 -
IN INTERPHASE chromes appear as threadlike structure
how many divistions in mitosis 1
hw many daughter cells are in mitosis 2
is mitosis gentically identical yes
howy many chromosomes same as parents
in prophase the nucleaus will disappear n
Bacterial cells divide by: . binary fission
Most eukaryotic organisms have ______________ chromosomes in their cells. 10-50
Replicate copies of each chromosome are called _____________ and are joined at the ________________ sister chromatids/centromere
During which phase of the cell cycle is DNA synthesized? s
Chromosomes are visible under a light microscope during mitosis
During mitosis, the sister chromatids are separated and pulled to opposite poles during which stage of mitosis? anaphase
Cytokinesis is the separation of cytoplasm and the formation of two cells.
What causes cancer in cells? . damage to genes
. During interphase: The cell grows cell is forming b. Chromosomes start to duplicate c. The cell prepares for mitosis
. Diploid cells have: 43 chromosomes
During prophase, the centrioles: Move to opposite ends of cell and form 2 separate poles
The four stages of mitosis in their correct order are: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
The chromosomes are pulled apart by the spindle fibers during which stage: anaphase
. During metaphase line up in the center
In which stage do the nuclear envelopes form around the separate sets of chromosomes: telephase
G1 replications of chromosomes growth in which the cell creates organelles and begins metablism
s Dna and synthesis f proteins necessay for mitosis chromosomes copied
g2 grows preparing for cell division
what type of cells does the cell cycle occur eukaryotes
2 main phases of the cell cycle interphase and metotic pase
what is occuring during mitosis replicating it self
charmatides made up of dna
how long is human cell in interphase 22 hours
3 stages of interphase g1, s, g2
what stage does cells exit G1
3 types of cells tht enter into g0 heart, brain, eyes
what happens if g0 cells are damaged cant be replaced
what stage occurs after cytokinesis g1
what part of the cell in divided in cytokinesis cytoplasm
shortest phase G2
how long is g2 4 to 5 hrs
how is cell prepared for mitosis enzymes
after g 2 phase m phase
what part of the cell is diving in mitosis nucleaus
whats another name for mitosis karykinesis
are chromosomes duplicated before or after mitosis before
nucleaus diving during --------------- while cytoplasm is diving during --------- mitosis, cytokinsis
how does cytokinsis occur sin animal cells cleavage furrow
how does cytokinsis form in plants cell plate
what is used to help break down nuclear membrane enzymes
what is broken down during prophase nucleaus and nuclear membrane
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