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CNA 2016 C. 21*

urinary elimination

A catheter is A tube used to drain or inject fluid through a body opening
Dysuria Painful or difficult urination
Nocturia Frequent urination at night
Hematuria Blood in the urine
A resident has control of her bladder. She cannot get to the bathroom in time because her call light was not answered promptly. She is incontinent of urine. This is ______ incontinence. Functional
A small amount of urine leaks from a bladder that is always full. This is _______ incontinence. over-flow
The loss of urine at predictable intervals when the bladder is full is _______ incontinence. reflex
The loss of urine with exercise and certain movements is ________ incontinence. stress
The loss of urine in response to a sudden, urgent need to void is ________ incontinence. urge
The involuntary loss or leakage of urine is Urinary incontinence
Oliguria is A scant amount of urine
The urinary system removes waste products from the blood
Tea can cause the body to ____________urine production. increase
The healthy adult produces_____________ of urine each day. 1500 ml
What terms mean “the process of emptying the bladder”? Urination, Urinating, Voiding
You are assisting with urinary elimination needs. You follow the Blooborne Pathogen Standard Blooborne Pathogen Standard
You are assisting with urinary elimination needs. Provide Privacy
After urinating, the person is Assisted with handwashing
A resident asks for help to the bathroom. What should you do? assist the person to the bathroom as requested
Normal urine has a(n) ______________odor. faint
You should report red-colored urine to the nurse. True
What do men use for urinating? Urinal
You assist a resident onto the bedpan. How should you position the person? In a sitting position
A resident finished urinating. The person cannot clean her genital area. You need to Use fresh tissue for each wipe, provide peri care if necessary, wear gloves
Why does a filled urinal present a safety hazard? it is easily spilled
A fracture pan is used for A person in traction, hip fracture, hip surgery, spinal surgery
After a person uses the commode, the container is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
The person is assisted with ______________after using the commode handwashing
Incontinence is a cause of Falls
Incontinence affects the person psychologically and emotionally
A resident has incontinence. Record all voidings. True
A resident has incontinence. The person uses incontinence products. To properly use the products, you need to Follow the manufacturer's instructions
A resident has incontinence. Dry garments and linens are provided whenever necessary
A resident has incontinence. Answer the person’s call light promptly
A resident had 4 incontinent episodes this morning. You are becoming short-tempered and impatient. What should you do? talk to the nurse
Complications from incontinence include pressure ulcers
A resident with dementia urinates in plants and the trash can. What do you do? Follow the person's bathroom routine as closely as possible
A catheter is kept in the bladder by an inflated balloon near the catheter tip
Catheters are used for what purposes? Promoting comfort for persons who are dying
A resident has a catheter. The drainage bag must be kept below the level of the bladder
A resident has a catheter. When the person is in bed, you attach the drainage bag to the bed frame
A resident has a catheter. What prevents urine from flowing freely? raising the drainage bag above the bladder
A female resident has a catheter. To prevent excess catheter movement, you need to secure it to her inner thigh
A resident has a catheter. Catheter care is given according to the care plan
You are assigned to 2 residents with catheters. When emptying their drainage bags, you use a different measuring container for each person
You are using a safety pin and rubber band to secure drainage tubing to bottom linens. The pin points away from the person
Unless directed otherwise, urinary drainage bags are emptied at the end of every shift
Persons with catheters need perineal care daily and after bowel movements
When giving care to a person with a catheter, you need to follow the bloodborne pathogen standard
A resident has a catheter. Before cleaning the person’s catheter, provide ______________ peri care
When giving catheter care, you need to hold the catheter at the meatus
When giving catheter care, you need to clean downward from the insertion site
You are giving catheter care. Use a clean area of the washcloth for ___________________ each stroke
A resident has a catheter. What is attached to the catheter? Drainage tubing
A person’s catheter is accidentally disconnected from the drainage tubing. What should you do? reconnect the ends after wipping them with antiseptic wipes
A resident has a catheter. You are going to change the person’s leg bag to a regular drainage bag. Which do you do first? clamp the catheter
A resident has a catheter. The person has a regular drainage bag. Drainage tubing is secured to the bottom linens
Drainage bags are emptied and measured at what times? when the bag is becoming full
You are emptying a urinary drainage bag. The drain must not touch any surface
You are going to apply a condom catheter. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. True
You are going to apply a condom catheter. The catheter is ________________onto the penis rolled
The goal of bladder training is to gain voluntary control of urination
A resident has a catheter. A bladder training program is part of the person’s care plan. The training program involves clamping the catheter for a certain period of time, then unclamping it to let urine drain.
Created by: heatherhibbs
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