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Science Exam

What are the 3 differences between the plant cells and animal cells? Chloroplast,the vacuole and the cell wall.
What does the nucleus do? It is the control center of the cell and it holds the cells DNA
what are the 5 phases of mitosis? prophase,metaphase, anaphase, telophase and interphase.
What is significant about Prophase? Double stranded chromosomes can be seen with a microscope and spindle fibres begin to form.
what is the famle and male flower reproductive organ? Female-Pistil Male-Stamen
What does the lysosomes do? The Lysosomes digest the food in the cell.
What is another word for Static Electricity Electrostatics
What are the properties of a gamma ray? No mass, no charge and its made of energy
what are the properties of an alpha ray? Four times the mass of one proton, two times the charge and its made of matter and it has a positive charge?
What are the properties of a beta Particles. Same mass as an electron, same charge and its made of energy.
What are three ways to charge an item? Contact friction and induction?
What is the nickname for lysosomes? Suicide Sacks
How many electrones are on the second ring of the Bohr Rutherford model? Eight
Why is static electricity more of a problem in winter then in summer. The air is drier and more build up in electrons on different types of meterials.
What is the function of pollination? For the purpose of reproduction in flowers.
What is the difference between gymnosperms and angiosperms? Angiosperm is a flowering plant while gymnosperm seeds are inside cones.
What is the haploid and diploid number of a human? Haploid 23 Diploid 46
What is Binary fission? A type of sexual reproduction, it does not contain a true nucleus.
what animals does binary fission occur in? bacteria
What are two points of the cell theory? All living organisims are composed of one or more cells All cells come from prervious existing cells.
What are three types of asexual reproductionin a fungus? spore formation, budding and fragmentation.
whats the significants about Anaphase? The spindle fibres begin to contract and shorten allowing the chromosomes to break apartand moving to either ends of the cell.
Whats the significanse about Telophase Final stage of mitosis,A nuclear membran forms around each set of chromosomes and the spindle fibres begin to disappear
Whats the significanse about Meta Phase When the tugging action of the spindle fibres pull the chromosomes into a straight line across the cell.
Whats the significanse about Interphase (where the cell spends 10hrs of its life) The cells grows, replicates its DNA and gets prepared for the first step of mitosis.
What is fragmentation When a small fragment breaks away from another plant and sprouts onto another plant or in the ground
What is Budding Once a nucleus forms first then a small bud begins to form on the cell wall. That bud containing the nucleus grows larger and larger and larger until a plant forms.
What is Spore Formation A reproductive cell that forms through mitosis
Created by: mcintyre