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Bio, Chem, Electric.

Biology, Chemistry, and Electricity

what 3 ways do objests become charged? Friction, contact, induction
what did Ruthorfurd conclude about gold foil experiment? cell contain postive nucleus, and cell has electron cloud
what properties of aluminum make it useful for making food? it is malleable and has a high melting point
How many electrons are in a full outer electron shell of Bohr-Rutherford model? Eight
Characteristic of alpha particle 4x mass of proton with 2x the positive charge. Made of matter
Characteristic of Beta particle Same mass as electron with the same amount of negative charge, made of matter
Characteristic of gamma rays No mass or charge. Made of energy.
Why are atomic masses in decimals? It is the ratio of all the isotope masses of that element
What is another name for static electricity? Electrostatics
What causes lightning? Collisions of water droplets, strip electrons off clouds and put the on others. The negative clouds induce a negative charge on the ground. The strong attraction b/w the ground and the cloud pulls electron off water molecules. Discharge occurs thro ions
Why is static more common in winter? The air is more dryer (insulator) and doesn't pick up the charge as the constantly collide against you.
What is the cell theory? 1-All organisms are made of cells. 2Cells come fr. other cells 3-Cells are basic unit of function&structure.4-activity of organism depends on cell activity
What are the difference between plant and animal cell? Plant cells have chlorplasts and a cell wall. Animal cells have many small vacuoles and the plant cell has one large one.
What are the four stages of mitosis? Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
What is the reproductive organ of a female in a plant? Male? Female=Pistil . Male = Stamen
What is the difference between Angiosperm and Gymnosperm? The seeds of angiosperm is found in a flower and the seeds of gymnosperm are found in cones.
Created by: BabeBay