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World Politics

Frieden/Lake/Schultz World Politics Ch. 8

Portfolio Investments Investments in a foreign country via the purchase of stocks/equities, bonds or other financial investments.
Sovereign Leading Loans from private financial institutions in one country to sovereign gov'ts in other countries.
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Investment in a foreign country via the acquisition of a local facility or establishment of a new facility. Direct investors maintain managerial control of the foreign operation.
World Bank An international institution that provides loans at below-market interest rates to developing countries, typically to enable them to carry out development projects.
Recession A sharp slowdown in the rate of economic growth and activity
Depression A severe downturn in the business cycle, typically associated with a major decline in economic activity, production, and investment. Severe contraction of credit, and high unemployment.
Default To fail to make payments on a debt.
Austerity The application of policies to reduce consumption, typically by cutting gov't spending, raising taxes, and restricting wages.
Bank for Int'l Settlements One of the oldest int'l financial organizations, created in 1930. Members include the world's principal central banks.
International Monetary Funds (IMF) A major int'l economic institution that was established in 1944 to manage int'l monetary relations and that has gradually reoriented itself to focus on the international financial systems, particularly debt and crises.
Multinational corporation (MNC) An enterprise that operates in a number of countries, with production or service facilities outside its country of origin.
Bilateral investment treaty (BIT) An agreement between 2 countries about the conditions for private investment across borders. Most include provisions to protect an investment from gov't discrimination or expropriation without compensation.
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