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ECS chpt 3.1 & 3.2

Erosion and Deposition

mass movement The process of moving sediment downhill. ex: landslides, mudflow, slump, creep
sediment The material moved by erosion
deposition The process by which sediment is "laid down" or deposited on Earth's surface.
erosion The process by which sediment is moved or carried from one place to another.
rill Tiny grooves made from flowing water; often caused by runoff created by rainfall.
gully A larger groove made by joining rills; water dries up after rainfall stops.
runoff Water that flows over Earth's surface when rainfall is too fast and sudden to be soaked up or evaporated.
stream A small channel where water is continuously flowing; it doesn't dry up after rainfall stops.
tributary A stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river.
drainage basin The area of land from which a river gets its water. Also called a watershed (Upstream)
river A large stream
divide The high ground between two drainage basins
flood plain A wide valley where a river flows; this area floods during heavy rainfall.
meander a loop-like bend in the course of a river
oxbow lake A meander that has been cut off from the river
alluvial fan Wide sloping deposit of sediment formed where a stream leaves a steep mountain range; fan-shaped
delta A landform formed when sediment is deposited at the mouth of a river.
groundwater Underground water; soaked into the ground and fills cracks in layers of rock below the surface.