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Ptech test 3

which of the following is a characteristic of a team? A) members answer to each other B) team has one leader C) supervisor resolves conflict between members D) team handles only safety audits A) Members answer to eachother
During studies of higly effective teams, researchers found: A) there was no synergy B) team members argued often C) team members responded constructively to the views of others D) there were "free riders" C) team members responded constructively to the views of others.
Which of the following is the best definition of team dynamics? A) how energetic the team members are B) how the team functions interpersonally C)how the team members cheer each other on D) how the team responds to critisism B) how the team functions interpersonally
Which of the following is NOT a stage of team development? A)forming B) storming C) quoruming D) norming C) quoruming
Diversity is best described as: A) ethnocentrism B) selective perception C) stereotyping D) ways that we are different and unique from each other D)ways that we are different and unique from each other
Which of the following drawing types is the most simple? A) PFD B) BFD C) P&ID D) UFD B) BFD
What is a PFD? A) piping flow diagram B) process fixtures diagram C) pipe fixture drawing D) process flow diagram D) process flow diagram
What is a Vital part of a PFD? A) blocks indicating a part of the process B) instruments C)pressure and temperature variable listings D) utility costs B) instruments
UFDs are similar to what type of drawing, except they show utilities used in a process? A) BFD B) schematic C)P&ID D)PFD D)PFD
An isometric drawing shows an object with respect to the viewer using: A) 30 degree angle perspective B) 360 degree angle perspective C) 90 degree angle perspective D) no angle perspective, it is a 2-D style drawing A) 30 degree angle perspective
T or F: Relief valves are designed to open quickly. False
T or F: Safety valves are designed for gas service. True
T or F: Atmospheric tanks are good for storing substances with toxic vapors False
Which type of pump uses a piston to force liquids out of a chamber? A) axial B) centrifugal C)positive displacement C) positive displacement
Which type of compressor uses vanes to force gases out of a chamber? A) axial B) centrifugal C) positive displacement C) positive displacement
Created by: rhill12
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