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Adventures in Japanese 2

(おいし) そうです。 looks (delicious)
~に します decide on~ [often used in restaurants, while shopping, or other situations that require the selection of one thing over others]
~に ~ ~ and ~ (as a set) [the particle に can be used to combine two or more nouns that are usually regarded together as a set. に implies that one or more than one object has been added to the first object.]
メニュー menu
うどん thick white noodles in broth
にくうどん うどん topped w/ beef
ざるそば buckwheat noodles served cold
ラーメン Chinese noodle soup [also called ちゅうかそば]
おや子どんぶり chicken and egg over a bowl of steamed rice [おや means parent and 子 means child]
とんかつ pork cutlet
(お)みそしる soup flavored w/ miso [soy bean paste]
やきにく meat grilled over a fire [やきます means to cook or grill]
やきとり grilled skewered chicken
にぎりずし sushi rice shaped in bite-sized rectangles topped w/ fish, roe, shellfish, vegetables, or egg [にぎります means "to grasp"]
ぎょうざ Japanese pot stickers
やきそば fried noodles
そうめん thin white noodles served cold
[かわ, がわ] river
[やま, サン] mountain
[で(る), だ(す)] go out
う~ん yummm...
い adj.[stem form]/ なadj./ verb [stem form] そうです。 looks, appears [Used to describe the appearance of the subject under discussion. Suggests the speaker is unsure of his/her statement, which is based on observation or inference. Only certain verbs can be used w/ そうです. Nouns are not used.]
カレーライス/ ライスカレー/ カレー curry rice
Created by: robinav