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Reading ch.5,6

warily cautiously
fleeting very brief; passing quickly
conceded admitted as true
grudgingly in an angry way
insulted said or did something very scornfully, rude, or harsh to; hurt by such speech or action
arrogant having or showing too much pride
eerie causing fear because of strangeness or weirdness
peculiar not usual; strange
trudged walked slowly with effort
overwhelming overcoming completely
mustered called together; assembled
disarray lack of order; confusion
surged rose and fell; moved like waves
lurched suddenly leaned or rolled to one side; staggered
twinge sudden sharp pain
sullenly gloomily; silent
taunting jeering; mocking
unwielding hard to handle
numerator top number of a fraction
denominator bottom number of a fraction
parallel lines lines which go in the same direction and stay the same distance apart
intersecting lines that cross
perpendicular lines intersecting lines which form square corners
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