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Maternal Newborn

Newborn Nutrition

Three stages of human milk colostrum, transitional milk, mature milk
Which stage of human milk is yellowish or creamy-appearing fluid that is thicker and contains more protein, fat-soluble vitamins and minerals Colostrum
Which stage of human milk contains high levels of immunoglobulins (antibodies such as IgA and is a source of passive immunity for the newborn Colostrum
which stage of human milk has more calories than colostrum and contains lactose, water-soluble vitamins, and elevated levels of fat Transitional Milk
Transitional Milk appears ____ days after birth until approximately 2 weeks postpartum 2-4 days after birth
Which stage of human milk has 10% solids (carbs, protein, and fat) and 90% water Mature milk
Which stage of human milk composition varies according to time during feeding Mature milk
____ is obtained at beginning of the breast feeding with high water content and contains vitamins and protein Foremilk
____ released after initial letdown of milk has a higher fat concentration Hindmilk
mature breast milk and prepared formulas provide ____ kcal/oz 20 kcal/oz or 20 kcal/30ml
percentage of calories derived from ____ is lower in breast milk than formula protein
greater percentage of calories in brest milk derived from ____ fat
Newborn caloric intake is ____ kcal/lb/day 50-55 kcal
Newborn fluid requirements is ____ mL/lb/day 64-73 (remember 30ml=1oz)
first 6 months weight gain formula fed 1 oz per day
first 6 months weight gain breastfed .5oz/day
commercially prepared formulas, cow's milk proteins are high in___, low in___ and enriched with ___ High renal solute load, protein and casein content and saturated fats. Low amounts of linoleic acid. Enriched with tyrosine, phenylalaine, iron and vitamins
Soy protein-based formulas are for infants with ___ lactase deficiency or galactosemia. Substitute soy protein with methionine
What is used to prevent iron defiency anemia iron-fortified formulas or supplements
T/F an infant who is allergic or intolerant to cow's milk protein can use a specialized or therapeutic formula True
breast milk provides ____ in more appropriate doses than formulas minerals
Although the concentration of iron in breast milk is ____ than formula, it is much more readily and fully absorbed lower
with breast milk ____ are not lost through processing and heating vitamins
immunologic advantages of breastfeeding include protection from what respiratory and GI infections, otitis media, meningitis, sepsis and allergies
psychosocial advantages of breastfeeding include maternal-infant attachment, oxytocin increases that causes even mood responses and increased feeling of maternal well-being
protein in breastmilk produces less nitrogen waste during metabolism which is a positive effect on the infant's ____ system immature renal system
____ may include a brief suspension of breastfeeding newborn jaundice
____ - ____ breastfeedings per day 9-12 inconvenient and stressful
formula-fed babies gain weight faster because of higher ____ protein
formula fed babies have an increased number of ____ and ____ infections GI and respiratory
If formula is prepared improperly ____ are detrimental to kidneys and lead to thirst excess salts
Early feeding of either breastmilk or formula stimulates peristalsis and elemination of by-products of bilirubin conjugation
Timing of newborn feedings for breast and formula feeding Breast immediately after birth, formula as soon as newborn shows interest
How often is a newborn fed breastmilk 8-10X/day assists mother in establishing lactation. On demand.
How often is a formula newborn fed awaken for feeding every 2-5 hours, satisfied with feedings every 3-4 hours b/c digest more slowly
After feeding newborn place on ____ side to aid drainage and facilitate gastric emptying Right side
North American and European social influence on breastfeeding modesty and embarrassment as reason not to breastfeed, indecent to expose breast, believe too much handling spoils children and regard weaning as a sign of infant development
Which cultures do not offer colostrum to newborn Mexican American, Navajo, Filipino and Vietnamese
which culture gives newborns boiled water until mother's milk flows, feeds on demand and respons to cries immediately Asian
How long do muslim and japanese women breastfeed Muslim until child is 2yo breastfeed b/c Koran encourages it, Japanese breastfeed for baby's first year
Which culture emphasize plentiful frequent feeding and introduce solid foods early and added to infant's formula African American
Which traditional culture considers a fat baby healthy, infants fed on demand and spoiling is encouraged Traditional Mexican
Different practices are not inferior; ____ only if harmful to mother and baby intervene
What prevents milk from being ejected into duct system lack of self-confidence, fear of embarrassment and pain
Why does milk production decrease repeated inhibition of milk ejection reflex and failure to empty breasts frequently and completely
positon of nose and gums to facilitate successful breastfeeding nose is at level of the nipple and gums are on areola
During early feedings infant should be offered ____ at each feeding both breasts and burp between feedings on each breast and at end of feeding
How to encourage a sleepy baby to breastfeed unwrap baby skin-to-skin contact
Feeding cues hand-to-mouth activity, fluttering eyelids, vocalization but not crying and mouthing activities
to establish supply and demand, initially ____ milk is produced than infant requires more. First weeks, newborn needs and maternal responses are not well attuned
remove wet breast pads frequently to avoid ____ to nipples and infection irritation
Signs of milk transfer to infant include audible swalowing, milk appearing in baby's mouth, breast feeling soft after feeding, and milk leaking from opposite breast
Successful breastfeeding: the number of wet diapers increases by ____ day after birth. 4th or 5th day - or 6-8 wet diapers ea day after day 5
Baby's stools are yellow or begin to lighten in color by the ____ day with successful breastfeeding 4th or 5th day
refrigerated breast milk used within ___ days 3
Breast milk can be frozen for up to ____ weeks 2
what organization provides education, assistance, printed materials and one-to-one counseling to breastfeeding mothers La Leche League International
T/F most drugs do not cross into breast milk False - most drugs do cross
signs of drug rx to the baby who is breastfeeding rash, fussiness, lethargy, changes in sleeping habits or feeding patterns
infants should not be given more than ___oz/day of formula 32
Created by: cgwayland
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