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Pediatric Assessment

When assessing a child perform ____ and ____ assessments last painful and invasive
An infant older than ____ months is afraid of strangers after 6 months
Which age group is hardest to assess toddler 1-3 yo, can't sit still, put on mothers lap and start with heart
Which age groups may want privacy school age 6-13 and adolescent 12-19
To help make the child comfortable with assessment, let them play with ____ equipment
Method used for PE of child includes examining ____ system first healthy system first
When assessing a child don't offer a ____ if there is not one and enlist ____ help don't offer a choice and enlist parents help
Check for turger on ____ abdomin
birthmarks can give clue to ____. Dark ____ should be removed birthmarks can give clues to syndromes, remove dark nevi (precursor to melanoma
The fontanels on the head should be ____ flat
Posterior fontanel should be ____ at birth where the anterior (soft spot) should be ____ at birth posterior closed, anterior open
the anterior fontanel closes at about age ___ 18 months to 2 years
head circumference should be the sames as the chest circumfrence until about age ___ age 2 then the chest gets bigger
examination of the eyes always includes the ____ and ____ reflexes cornel light and red reflexes
visual acuity should be assessed at what age at birth and every age after
When assessing the ears check for low set ears, they can e a sign of which syndrome Potter's syndrome (problems with kidney
To examine the ear canel under age three, the pina is brought ___ and ___ and after three the pina is brought ____ and ____ under 3 DOWN and back over 3 UP and back
Babies are more prone to ear infections due to the eustation tube being ____ at birth straight at birth, later they mobe down
look into the nose to check the ____ for inflammation, enlargement or discharge conchae
tonsil tissue starts to develope at about ___ months until puberty before they regress some develop about 3-4 months
By age ___ should have full set of teeth and first dental exam around age ___ 2 1/2 have full set and dental exam around 3
frontal and maxillary not palpable until around age 3
Chest ratio is 2:1 anterior to lateral at about age ___ 6
Under six ___ breathers and after six ___ breathers under age six abdominal breathers & after age six thorasic breathers
The heart is more horizontal until age ___. age 6 or 7
Point of Maximum Impulse (PMI) is at ____th intercostal space under age ___ Point of Maximum Impulse (PMI) is at 4th intercostal space under age 7
_______ is an inconsequential sound that originate from the heart and/or cardiovascular system and is heard on cardiac auscultation. By definition, is not signific innocent murmur
Child can have a heart murmur if they have a ___ A child can have a heart murmur if they have a fever
____ pulse locations are very important to assess in children? What do you need to make sure the pulse is? femoral pulse locations are very important to assess in children, make sure they are present equal and regular rhythm
T/F the abdomen should be assessed the same as an adult True
is the when a person's spine curves from side to side. On an x-ray, the spine of an individual, it looks more like an "S" or a "C" than a straight line. When do you start checking? scoliosis - start checking in 4th grade
congenital hip dysplasia tests include moving the ____ back and fourth and ____ hips to feel for ____ and make sure head of femur is in the acetabulum congenital hip dysplasia test includes moving the knees back and fourth and abduct the hips to feel for crepitation.
bow leg more than __ inches between knees with heels together and knock knee where ankles are more than ___ inches apart with knees together. They outgrow each but ___ needs to be refered? bowlegs more than 2 inches between knees with heels together and knock knees where ankles are more than 3" apart with knees together. Outgrow each but knock knees need to be refered.
check palmer creases, most hands have ____ shape creases, if missing third line, may have___? cheack palmer creases, most hands have M shape creases, if missing third line, may have down syndrome
Infant reflex where toes fan and vig toe dorsiflexes when sole of foot is stroked along outer edge beginning from heel Babinski
Infant reflex when infant is placed on abdomen, he makes crawling movements with arms and legs Crawl
Infant reflex where the soles of an infant's feet touch a hard surface, he will take a few quick alternating steps Dance (stepping)
Infant reflex where infant's tongue extends outward when touched extrusion
Infant reflex when infant is suspended in a horizontal prone position, th ehead is raised and legs and spine are extended Landau
Infant reflex where infant's head at 45 degree angle and head is allowed to fall back causes sudden abduction and extention of arms and fanning of fingers, followed by adduction of arms Moro
infant reflex where infant arches trunk toward stimulated side when stroked Galant's (trunk incurvation) transverse spinal cord lesions.
What is the infant reflex where fingers curve around finger placed in infant's palm near base of digits? Palmer Grasp
Infant reflex's go away as ____ is more developed myelin
by age ___ usually children have a dominate hand two
check for____ hernias in testes Inguinal hernias
An ____ hernia disappears when the child starts walking Umbilical
Palpate scrotum to make sure ____ are in scrotum testis
First 6 months the infant grows about ____ inch per month one inch per month
During 6-12 months the infant grows about ____ inch per month .5 inch per month
By 1 year infant should be ____ times their birth length 1.5 times birth length
Infants in the first 6 months usually increase their weight by ____ pounds per month one pound per month
By ____ months an infant will double thier birth weight by 5 months
By ____ infants usually triple their birth weight by 12 months
Average weight for 6 month old is ____ pounds 6 months = 16 pounds
Head circumference increases about ___ per year one inch
Denver Developmental Screen Test (DDSTII) scoring what does P F NO & R indicate P=Pass, F=Fail, NO=No Opportunity and R=Refusal
Denver Developmental Screen Test (DDSTII) - a ____ is any item failed which is completely left of the age line delay
Denver Developmental Screen Test (DDSTII), a ____ is any item failed on which the age line falls on or between 75-90% caution
Denver Developmental Screen Test (DDSTII), what does normal, suspect and rescreen mean normal - no delays or up to 2 cautions, suspect is two or more cautions or one or more delays and must be rescreened in 1-2 weeks
If after 3-4 months the palmer grasp is persistence it can indicate what disorder? If the palmer grasp is persistant after 3-4 moths it can indicate a CNS disorder.
If the Galant's (trunk incurvation) reflex is absent before 4-8 weeks of age it may indicate ____ lesions? If the Galant's (trunk incurvation) reflex is absent before 4-8 weeks of age it may indicate transverse spinal cord lesions.
If the extrusion reflex is absent before 4 months it may indicate ____ disorder? extrusion reflex if absent before 4 months, may indicate neurologic disorder
If the Landau reflex is absent before 12-24 months it may indicate ___ & ___? Landau - if absent before 12-24 months, may indicate cerebral palsy and gross motor retardation.
The Moro reflex is absent after ____ months? Moro - absent after 4 months.
T/F The Moro (startle) reflex can be absent in some premature infants? True
If the Moro (startle) reflex is absent in full term babies it can indicate ___ disorder? Absence in full term may indicate CNS disorder.
Persistence of Moro reflex (startle reflex) beyond 4 months is suggestive of ____? Persistence of reflex beyond 4 months is suggestive of brain damage.
Asymmetry of Moro reflex response may indicate a fracture of ___, ___, or ___/___? Asymmetry of response may indicate fracture of humerus or clavicle or paralysis or weakness of one side of the body
What is the most common disorder that the asymmetric startle reflex is indicative of? Erb's Palsy
If Dance (stepping) is absent before ___ months it may indicate ___ dysfunction? Dance (stepping) if absent before 2-3 months, may indicate neurologic dysfunction.
If the crawl reflex is absent before ____ weeks it may suggest ___ dysfunction? Crawl - if absent before 6 weeks, may suggest neurologic dysfunction.
If the babinski reflex is absent before __ year it suggest a lesion in ____? Babinski - if absent before 1 year, suggests lesion in extrapyramidal tract
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