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notes to help study for the floriculture contest

Susie wants to creat a floral design in a direct complementary scheme. She should use: Yellow ane Violet
Karen is designing a floral arrangement for spring wedding. Her customer wants her to use flowers that are in dfferent variations of pink (pink,rose, etc.) This color scheme is called: monochromatic
Rhythm in a floral design is very important. One way to create rhythm is: change the facing of the flower in the arrangement
John is designing a corsage with mini carnations and his shop manager tells him to insert the wire through the calyx just blow the petals. This wiring method is the: Pierce Method
Sally is making a bow for a pointsettia that in a 6" pot. The most appropriate ribbion choice for a plant in this size pot is: #9
Pedro's boss assigns him the task of designing an arrangement with two being shorter. this triangle is called: isosceles
The best chorcie for a container for a hogarth arrangement is a: Container with a pedestal
When a floral designer uses accessories such as fruit, nuts, and cones in a chistmas floral design, they are creating an arrangement with a __________ theme. Williamsburg
The segment of the floral industry that sells directly to the end consumer (general public) is the: retailer
The "nesting pricing method" of pricing is most generally used to figure the price of" items that are grouped together but are of diffrent size/values
A new shipment of flowers arrive at the floral shop. Jenny Unpacks them, recuts the stems, places them in warm water with floral presevative, and lets them stand for the cooler. She is taking these steps to: Condition the flowers
CO2 is often released into greenhouse because: it helps the plants make food, and, therefore, increases crop quality
Sam arranges the benches inhis greenhouse so that they are along the sidewalk the full length of the greenhouse with shorter benches projecting out towards the middle aisle. this bench arrangement is known as: peninsular Benching
Capillary mat watering generally used in greenhouse to water: potted flowering crop
An example of an inorganic substance that is found in some soilless medias is: perlite
Upon inspecting his floral crop, Tony notices that the young leaves are prominently malformed and chlorotic and upon closer inspection, finds that the root growth is poor. He determines that the plants are deficient in: Calcium
Ellen notices that she has thrips in her greenhouse. She wants to control them with a biological control, so she uses: Parasites
One way that that damping off can be controlled is by: Keeping the surface of the germination medium dry between irrigations
Denise notices that her plant are coveres with a sticky substance. The greenhouse manager inspects the crop and tells her that it is called "honeydew" and that it is caused by: aphids
The insect that most often affects poinsettia crops is: whiteflies
Botyis is: a fungal disease
Leaching a crop is important beacuse it: flushes excess soluble salts from the growing media
Light intensity is measured in: foot candeles
Several greenhouses located in the same location are known as: greenhouse range
The most windely used method of greenhouse heating is: natural gas
for most flowers, floral coolers should be maintained at between 35F and 40F True
The lightness or darkness of a hue is called its value. True
WHen designing a floral arrangement, you should be very careful to use equal amounts of all flowers in the arrangement. False
The majoor lines in an arrangement are known as "spine line" False
An arrangement of sunflowers in a basket is good example of a formal desine. False
An arrangement should be at least 1 to 1 1/2 time the height of a tall container or 1 to 1 1/2 times as tall as the width of a low elngated container. True
A #28 gauge wire is thinner that a #18 gauge wire. True
The "stitch method" is a good wiring technique to use on foliage. true
Many flowers may be preserved in a leathery cindition by treating them with mineral oil false
In a vegetative arrangement, the flower are placed in groupings or patches representing the way they might grown naturally. true
Materials used to control the placement of flowers, foliage and acessories are known as "Mechanics" true
Bedding plants make up the largest segment of the floriculture industr. true
Because glass is considered by industry prfessionals to a very good materrail, most greenhouse today are built with glass as thee glazing material. false
Since heat rises, the thermometer in the geenhouse should be placed as close to the roof as possible, because it is important to see how high the temperature is in that location. false
The pH of the water has no effect on greenhouse crops. false
A standard greenhouse pot is as tall as it is wide at the top. true
Winged insects may be prevented from entering a greenhouse from the outside if they are met with resistance in the form of air pressure as they try to enter thogh the vents and doors. true
Anthers should be left in Easter lily blooms because this practice help prolong the life of the flower. false
Both cineraria and cyclamen are known as cool temperature crops. true
The most common method of height control for chrysanthemums is to vary the daylength by adding lights at night. false
Oedema is a common physiological disorder of geraninms. true
Pointsettias require at least 12 hours of continuous light per day in order to bloom false
Pasteurization of room media kills all organisms (the good and bad). false
The essential elements in soilless media are at their maximum availability in a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5. true
Biotherm heating is a method of bottom heating in which heat is applied from beneath the crop. true
Created by: Theresa1416