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USMLE normal values

USMLE normal values from the world site resource

serum amylase 25-125 u/l
AST 8-20 U/L
serum bilirbin total//direct .1-1.0 mg/dL //.0-.3 mg/dL
serum calcium 8.4-10.2mg/dL or 2.1-2.8 mmol/L
serium cholesterol <200 mg/dL or <5.2 mmol/L
serum cortisol 0800 h: 5-3 ug/dL //1600h: 3-15 ug/dL, 138-635 nmol/L //82-413 nmol/L
creatinine kinase in serum for male 24-90 U/L
creatinine kinasse in serum for female 10-70 U/L
serum creatinine .6-1.2 mg/dL or 53-106 umol/L
serum sodium 136-145 mEq/L
ALT 8-20 u/L
serum chloride 95-105
serum potassium 3.5-5.0
bicarbonate HCO3 22-28
magnesium 1.5-2.0
estriol total in serum at 24-28 weeks //32-36 weeks 30-170 ng/mL //60-280 ng/mL, 104-590 //208-970 nmol/L
estriol total in serum at 28-32 weeks // 36-40 weeks 40-220 ng/mL //80-350 ng/mL, 140-760 //280-1210 nmol/L
serum ferritin in male 15-200 ng/mL
serum ferritin in female 12-150 ng/mL
FSH in serum/plasma of male 4-25 mlU/mL
FSH in serum/plasma of premenopause female 4-30 mlU/mL
FSH in serum/plasma midcycle peak 10-90 mlU/mL
sFSH in srum/plasma postmenopause 40-250 mlU/mL
normal pH 7.35-7.45, [H] 36-44 nmol/L
normal PCO2 33-45 mmHg, 4.4-5.9 kPa
PO2 75-105 mmHg, 10.0-14.0 kPa
fasting serum glucose 70-110 mg/dL, 3.8-6.1 mmol/L
serum glucose 2h postprandial <120 mg/dL, <6.6 mmol/L
GH - arginine stimulation, fasting <5 ng/mL , <5 ug/L
GH - arginine stimulation provocative stimuli: >7 ng/mL , >7 ug/L
serum IgA 76-390 mg/dL
serum igE 0-380 mg/dL
serum igG 650-1500 mg/dL
serum IgM 40-345 mg/dL
serum iron 50-170 ug/dL
Lactate dehydrogenase in serum 45-90 U/L
LH in serum/plasma of male 6-23 mlU/mL
LH in serum/plasma of femlae in follicular phase 5-30 mlU/mL
LH in serum/plasma of female midcycle 75-150 mlU/mL
LH of serum/plasma in female postmenopause 30-200 mlU/mL
serum osmolality 275-295 mOsmol/kg
PTH in serum, N-terminal 10-65 pg/mL
serum alkaline phosphatase 20-70 U/L
serum inorganic phosphorus 3.0-4.5 mg/dL, 1.0-1.5 mmol/L
serum PRL <20 ng/mL
total recumbent serum protein 6.0-7.8 g/dL
serum albumin 3.5-5.5 g/dL
serum globulin 2.3-3.5 g/dL
TSH in serum /plasma .5-5.0 uU/mL
Thyroidal iodine-123 uptake 8-30% of administered dose/24h
serum triglycerides 35-160 mg/dL
serum T4 5-12 ug/dL , 64-155 nmol/L
T3 in serum (RIA 115-190 ng/dL , 1.8-2.9 nmol/L
T3 resin uptake 25-35%
BUN in serum 7-18 mg/dL , 1.2-3.0 mmol /L
uric acid in serum 3.0-8.2 mg/dL , .18-.48 mmol/L
CSF cell count 0-5 cells/mm^3
CSF chloride 118-132 mEq/L
CSF Gamma globulin 3-12% total proteins
CSF glucose 40-70 mg/dL, 2.2-3.9 mmol/L
CSF pressure 70-180 mmH20
CSF total proteins <40 mg/dL
bleeding time 2-7 minutes
erythrocyte count for male 4.3-5.9 million/mm^3
erythrocyte count for female: 3.5-5.5 million/mm^3
SSR rate in male 0-15 mm/h
ESR in female 0-20 mm/h
HCT in male 41-53%
HCT in female 36-46%
Hg A1C </= 6%
Hemoglobin in blood of male 13.5-17.5 g/dL , 2.09-2.71 mmol/L
Hemoglobin in blood of female 12.0-16.0 g/dL, 1.86-2.48 mmol/L
Hemoglobin in plasma 1-4 mg/dL , .16-.62 mmol/L
Leukocyte count 4500-11,000 /mm^3, 4.5-11.0 E9/L
segmented neutrophils 54-62%
bands 3-5%
Eosinophils 1-3%
Basophils 0-0.75%
Lymphocytes 25-33%
monocytes 3-7%
mean corpuscular Hemoglobin 25.4-34.6 pg/cell , 0.39-.54 fmol/cell
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration 31-36% Hb/cell , 4.81-5.58 mmol Hb/L
MCV 80-100 um^3
aPTT 25-40 seconds
platelet count 150,000-400,000/mm^3
PT 11-15 seconds
Reticulocyte count .5-1.5% of red cells
Thrombin time <2 seconds deviation from control
plasma volume in male 25-43 mL/kg or .025-.043 L/kg
plasma volume in female 28-45 mL/kg or .028-0.045 L/kg
red cell volume of male 20-36 mL/kg or .020-.036 L/kg
red cell volume of female 19-31 mL/kg or .019-.031 L/kg
sweat chloride 0-35 mmol/L
urine calcium 100-300 mg/24 hrs
urine chloride varies with intake
creatinine clearance in male 97-137 mL/min
creatinine clearance in female 88-128 mL/min
total urine estriol in pregnancy @ 30 wks 6-18 mg/24 hr , 21-62 umol/24h
total urine estriol in pregnancy @ 35 weeks 9-28 mg/24 hr or 31-97 umol/24hrs
total urine estriol in pregnancy @ 40 weeks 13-42 mg/24h or 45-146 umol/24 hrs
urine 170hydroxycorticosteroids in male 3.0-10.0 mg/24hrs , 8.2-27.6 umol/24 hr
urine 17-hydroxycorticosteroids in female 2.0-8.0 mg/24hrs or 5.5-22.0 umol/24hrs
urine 17-ketosteroids in male 8-20 mg/24hrs or 28-70 umol/24hours
urine 17-ketosteroids in female 6-15 mg/24hrs or 21-52 umol/24hours
urine osmolality 50-1400 mOsmol / kg
urine oxalate 8-40 ug/mL or 90-445 umol/mL
urine Potassium varies with diet
urine proteins total <150 mg/24hrs or <.15 g/24 hours
urine sodium varies with diet
urine uric acid varies with diet
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