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chapter 1

genetic engineering the process of rmoving and/ or inserting genetic material in order to change an organism's trait(s).
bioinformatics the use of information technology to store, analyze,sort, label,and share the many DNA sequences generated by genome sequencing projects.
synthetic biology the process where biological parts and entire living systems may be designed and synthesized in the labatory.
developing countries countties that are in the process of developing in terms of infrastructure, food production, and so on.
green revolution A term referring to the tremendous advances in food production that began in the 1970s.
DNA a genetic proteinlike nucleic acid on plant and animal genes and chromosomes that controls inheritance.
transgenic organisms that have genetic materials inserted from a different species.
biotech the use of technology to influence biological functions.
genetically modified those organisms that have had genetic material removed and/or inserted in order to change one or more particular traits of the organism.
genetically engineered the process of removing genes from one organism and transferring them to another organism.
cloning production of a genetically identical offspring by artificial means.
biomanufacturing manufacturing through the use of biotechnology, such as gene splicing.
pharming a term combining the words pharmaceutical and farming that refers to growing organisms ( usually genetically altered) for the purpose of producing pharmaceuticals.
personalized medicine medicine that is designed for a particular individual
personalized genomics the particular gene makeup of an individual.
gene therapy (1)A medical procedure to treat and cure genetic disorders that includes modifying or replacing diseases-causing genes.(2) procedure to combat genetic diseases tha involves the insertion of genes into the human genome that corrects a problem with a person
stem cells cells that are programmed to begin the differentiation process of cell development.
bioremediation Adding nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus to stimulate the growth of naturally occuring microbes.
biotechnology (1)The manipulation of living organisms or parts of organisms to make products useful to humans.(2)Using knowledge of cells to modify their activities in order to make living organisms more effective in serving people.(3)Deals with the manipulation of the
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