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Sept 26, 2013

Resilience and Stress-Related Growth exam 2

What is the difference between resilience, stress resistance, and thriving?
Resilience To bounce or spring back"T -To bounce back or recover from a stressful event.
Stress Resistance not showing any negative effects in the context of stressful event or following stressful events.
Thriving or Growth going beyond the previous level of funtioning in the context of or following stressful events.
What is the difference between stress as stimulus and stress as response?
Stress as a stimulas or something that happens to us.
Stress as a response or the way that we repond physiologically, cognitively, or emotionally.
What are the four catogories of resilience resourses? a.)Spiritual/motivational factors b.)Cognitive competencies c.)Behavioral/Social competencies d.)physical well being and physical competencies
What are the five personal resourses for resilience in the model of resilience presented in class? Mindfulness, Mood clarity, Purpose in life, Optimism, Active Coping
Mindfulness Enables you to confront and fully take in all of the information available during the experience of a stressful event.
Mood Clarity Enables you to make sense of your emotional experience of the event in a way in which you can understand how it affects you and what choices to make about what to do next.
Purpose in Life Helps to orient you to what is most important and provide motivation and direction for coping with the event.
Optimism Enables you to envision a positive outcome to the stressful event and helps give you the confidence necessary to engage in coping efforts.
Active Coping Involves engaging in coping efforts that are necessary for bouncing back from the stressful event.
What are the four different paths or trajectories that people follow after a major stressful event. 1. Resilience 3. Chronic 2. Recovery 4. Delayed
What are the two Positive Psychology paths or trajectories? 1. Resilience – bounce back very quickly. 2. Recovery – bounce back less quickly.
What are the six categories of growth or positive change that people report? 1.Improved relationships with others 2.Increased personal strength 3.Greater appreciation of life 4.Discovering new values and possibilities 5.Spiritual growth 6. Finding meaning and purpose 6.
Improved relationships with others the example of getting closer to a spouse in going through cancer or other illness.
Increased personal strength “I can get through anything,”combat veterans, undergraduate degree and work and raise kids?
Greater appreciation of life more gratitude for everything, every day is a gift after facing death.
Discovering new values and possibilities internal vs. external superficial, family, friends or personal growth rather than money or material goods.
Spiritual growth can mean many things – grow in relation to sacred or divine, AA, cross > resurrection.
Finding meaning and purpose MADD, more empathy and compassion, help others with same or similar kind of trauma or stress.
Jo detemined, smart, independent, vibrant, great mom, best friend, kind hearted, goes after what she deserves!
Created by: maryandjo