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glomerular path

First Aid glomerular path

Questionpathologynephritic / nephrotic
lumpy bumpy acute post-strep nephritic
subepithelial humps acute post-strep, membranous (blank)
causes hypocomplementemia acute post-strep, membranoprolif, SLE (blank)
subENDOthelial membranoprolif, SLE (blank)
CP: peripheral and periorbital edema acute post-strep nephritic
tram track membranoprolif nephritic
crescentic rapidly progressive nephritic
anti-GBM Ab Goodpasture's (type II hypersensitivity) nephritic
mesangial deposits IgA nephropathy (Berger's dz) nephritic
postinfectious; causes recurrent hematuria in young patients IgA nephropathy (Berger's dz) nephritic
split BM Alport's nephritic
CP: nerve deafness and ocular disorders Alport's nephritic
spike and dome membranous nephrotic
foot process effacement minimal change nephrotic
responds well to steroids minimal change nephrotic
segmental sclerosis and hyalinosis focal segmental nephrotic
a/w HIV focal segmental nephrotic
Kimmelstiel-Wilson nodular lesions diabetic nephropathy nephrotic
BM thickening diabetic nephropathy nephrotic
wire-loop lesion SLE nephrotic
Congo stain, apple-green birefringence amyloidosis nephrotic
a/w MM, TB, RA amyloidosis nephrotic
hematuria, HTN, oliguria, azotemia nephritic (blank)
massive proteinuria, frothy urine, hypoalbuminemia, peripheral and periorbital edema, hyperlipidemia nephrotic (blank)
Created by: anpham26