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8th - List 5

8th Grade Greek/Latin List 5

exo Greek - outer exoskeleton
cap, capt, cept Latin - take capture, intercept
ced, cess Latin - go process, intercede
corpus Latin - body corpuscle, corpse
cred Latin - believe credence, credible
anthrop Greek - mankind anthropology
crypt Greek - hidden, secret cryptic language
dem Greek - people demographic
gram, graph Greek - write telegram, telegraph
hemi, demi Greek - half hemisphere
photo Greek - light photosynthesis
psych Greek - mind psychology
somat Greek - body somatic cells
arthro Greek - joint arthritis
articul Latin - joint articulating
N.B. (nota bene) Latin - note well, pay attention to
op. cit. (opus citatum) Latin - in the work cited
P.S. (post scriptum) Latin - written afterwards
pro tem (pro tempore) Latin - for the time being, temporarily
vs. (versus) Latin - against
Created by: smsmccormick