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7Science Mid2 REview

7th Grade science Mid-assessment REview

An example of voluntary muscle is…. Biceps flexing while lifting weights
Function of the circulatory system is to……. Pump oxygen & nutrients through the blood to every part of the body
An incident of work (force x distance) or no work done……same amount of force used Equal force; opposite directions; no work is done
Example of organic compound is….. Compound with Carbon (C)
Large molecules that are broken down into smaller molecules are….. Butter to Fatty Acids
Amino acids are building blocks of large, complex molecules are called….. Proteins
Composition of large molecules matching their type of organic compounds to substances is…… Chicken-Protein; Potato-Carbohydrate; Vegetable oil-Lipid
Table of functions of the skeletal system are …. Protects vital organs/tissues; provides framework/mobility; produces new red blood cells
Bicep contracts exerting force on radius, what is the effect? Arm bends at the elbow
What is the heart’s role in the circulatory system? The heart provides the force to move oxygen & nutrients throughout the body
A situation in which your arms do work on a backpack is….. Picking up a backpack from the floor
The blood circulates throughout the body, what changes take place? Blood lose oxygen as it travels to all the body cells
Provides a framework that supports the body, what system? Skeletal
It protects some internal organs from physical injury, what system? skeletal
It transports oxygen & nutrients to all body cells, what system? Circulatory
What is the equation of work? Work equals (W=.....) Work equals force times distance (W=FxD)
Function of system is for movement of bones, body fluids, and food, which system? Muscular
5 main functions of the skeletal system are…. Protects organs; makes blood; allows movement; provides structure; stores minerals
Not one of the requirements for work to be done is…… Force & distance in different direction
Muscular & skeletal systems work together like…… Pulley to an elevator
Basic building block of all organisms is the ……. cell
An object that would be used to understand how the human heart works is a…… Water pump
Pictures organism cells are ….. Look different; shaped differently & perform specialized functions
Body weight is supported by structures made of what? Bone cells
Cardiac tissue (heart) are made up of what? cells
What system can cause a stroke when supply of blood to the brain is block? Circulatory
In a running marathon, muscular & skeletal systems work together to do what? Muscles relax & contract to move the bones
Levels of organization using muscular system groups; what is between muscle groups & muscle cells? Muscle tissues and fibers
Created by: c9300220