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Y7 Var and Class

Key words

vertebrate Animal with a backbone
invertebrate Animal with no backbone
respiration Oxygen + Glucose --> Carbon dioxide + Water + Energy
feeding Absorbing nutrients
excretion Releasing waste
sensitivity Responding to the environment
growing Increasing in cell number or cell size
reproduction Creating new cells
classification A system of organising
species The smallest division in classification. An organism within a species grouping can reproduce with another in this grouping to produce fertile offspring.
antennae Sensory appendage
thorax Middle section of an insect
abdomen Lower section of an insect
segmented Parts are separated
taxonomy The study of classification Order: Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
variation Differences within the same species
characteristics Features
unique Not belonging to anther
offspring ‘Children’
inherited Features derived from genes of parent
environment Outward influencing factors
gene A section of DNA that codes for a protein
chromosomes Grouping of DNA visible inside the cell
organism A living thing
model Something used to represent a theory
analogy A similar story to represent a theory
mutation A mistake in the DNA
modify To slightly change something
trends A pattern of change seen over a period of time
data Measured values
statistics Doing calculations on data
mean Average value
predict To guess the answer based on scientific theories
correlation The degree of relationship between two variables
scatter graph A continuous data graph of the dependent vs independent variable
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