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8E Combustion

Key words

Law of conservation of mass Mass is not lost or gained during a chemical reaction
Metal Element that is shiny when polished, conducts heat and electricity, is malleable, flexible and has a high melting point
Metal oxide A metal combined with oxygen
Non-metal Element that is not shiny and does not conduct heat nor electricity well
Oxidation Reacting with oxygen
Oxide A compound of a metal or non-metal with oxygen
Oxidiser A substance that supplies oxygen for a reaction
Phlogiston A substance that scientists once thought existed used to explain burning
Exothermic A reaction that converts chemical energy to heat energy
Fire triangle A way of showing heat, fuel and oxygen are needed for fire
Acid rain Rain water of a pH less than 5.6 due to dissolved sulfur and nitrogen oxides
Asthma A condition in which the tiny tubes leading to the alveoli become narrow and start to fill with mucus
Catalytic converter A device fitted to the exhaust pipe of a vehicle to change harmful pollutant gases into less harmful ones
Complete combustion Full reaction with oxygen Carbon + oxygen --> carbon dioxide
Incomplete combustion Partial reaction with oxygen Carbon + oxygen --> carbon monoxide (plus carbon and carbon dioxide)
Filter (chemistry) Technique often using filter paper that removes solids from a fluid
Filter (physics) Material that certain colours of light through
Pollutant A substance that harms the environment or organisms that live there
Soot Form of carbon in fine particles when hydrocarbons undergo incomplete combustion
Climate change Changes that happen to long term weather patterns as a result of global warming
Global warming Increase in the warming of the Earth’s surface
Greenhouse effect Warming of the Earth’s surface due to greenhouse gases capturing and re-emiting energy back to Earth
Greenhouse gas Molecule that can absorb energy emitted by the Sun
Created by: andrewweng0406