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7B Sexual reprod

Key words

Egg cell The female sex cell (gamete)
Endangered At risk of extinction
External fertilisation Fertilisation outside the body
Fertilisation Fusing of male and female gamete
Fuse When two become one
Gamete Sexual reproduction cell
Internal fertilisation Fertilisation inside the body
Offspring New organisms from reproduction
Parent Organism that has produced the offspring
Sex cell Gamete
Sexual reproduction Where two individuals produce a new organism
Sperm cell The male sex cell (gamete)
Adapted Special features to carry out a function
Bladder Organ that stores urine
Cervix Ring of muscle at bottom of uterus
Cilia Small hairs on the surface of the cell
Circumcision Removal of foreskin
Fallopian tube Oviduct
Foreskin Skin covering of penis
Glands Tissues that make and release chemicals
Menopause Ovaries stop releasing egg cells
Ovary Produces egg cells
Oviduct Carries egg to uterus. Site of fertilisation.
Puberty Sexual maturation
Scrotum Skin containing testes
Semen Mixture of sperm and fluids
Sperm duct Carries sperm from testes to urethra
Testis Produces sperm
Urethra Carries urine and sperm
Uterus Site of baby development
Vagina Opening from cervix to outside
Amnion Bag containing amniotic fluid
Amniotic fluid Liquid protecting embryo
Ejaculation Release of semen from penis
Embryo Fertilized egg from zygote to foetus (0 to 8 weeks)
Erection When the penis becomes stiff
Implantation When an embryo sinks into the lining of the uterus
Placenta Organ that takes oxygen and nutrients from the mother’s blood and gives waste
Pregnant When an embryo is growing inside
Sexual intercourse Where semen is ejaculated into the vagina
Umbilical chord Carries materials from the placenta to the embryo or fetus
IVF Egg and sperm develop into an embryo before being placed in the uterus
Sperm count Number of sperm per volume
Surrogate mother Taking the fertilized embryo of another person
Test-tube baby IVF
Created by: andrewweng0406