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7G Particle model

Key words

Property Description of a substance, characteristic
Gas No fixed shape or volume. Easily squashed.
Liquid Fixed volume, but no fixed shape
Solid Fixed volume and fixe shape
Acid rain Rain with pH of less than 5.6
Corrosive Chemicals that react with metal, stone and skin
Compressed Made into a smaller volume
Cubic centimeter Equal to a millimeter (cm3 = mL)
Flammable Can be set on fire
Flow Can move and change shape
Hazard Can cause harm
State of matter Solid, liquid or gas
Toxic Poisonous
Volume The space it takes up
Particle theory Using particles to explain scientific phenomena
Particles Tiny pieces that make up matter
Random No regular pattern
Brownian motion Small pieces of matter that are moved by small particles of a liquid or gas
Nanometers 1 000 000 000 times smaller than a meter (nm)
Nanoscale Measured in nm
Diffusion Movement of particles from high to low concentration
Air pressure Force on an area from air molecules hitting it
Vacuum Space with no gas particles
Composting Allowing plant material to form soil
Incineration Burning waste
Created by: andrewweng0406