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7A Cells

Key words

Excretion Getting rid of waste
Growth Increase in cell size or cell number
Respiration Oxygen + glucose  carbon dioxide + water + ENERGY
Nutrition Chemicals needed for respiration or growth
Organism A single living thing
Reproduction The creation of a new organism
Sensitivity Detect changes in the environment
Bladder Stores urine
Urine Removes wastes especially nitrogen as urea
Diaphragm Contracts down to fill lung, relaxes up to empty lung
Food pipe Also called gullet, oesophagus
Heart Pumps blood
Intestines Small takes in nutrients, large takes in water
Kidneys Removes wastes from the blood
Photosynthesis Carbon dioxide + water + ENERGY  oxygen + glucose
Liver Destroys toxins in the blood, stores glucose
Lungs Oxygen and carbon dioxide gas exchange by diffusion
Organ Group of tissues working together to perform a function eg. skin, lung, heart
Rectum Stores faeces
Root Absorbs water and minerals
Skin For protection, insulation, and sensitivity
Stem Transports water and nutrients
Stomach Physical and chemical digestion of food
Trachea Also called wind pipe
Tissue Group of similar cells working together
Fat tissue Stores fat
Muscle tissue Allows movement
Root hair tissue Absorbs water
Xylem tissue Transports water
Biopsy Small tissue sample taken for examination
Coarse focusing wheel Moves stage quickly for focusing under x10 lens only
Fine focusing wheel Moves stage finely for focusing above x10 lens
Slide Glass piece to lay specimen on
Coverslip Glass cover on top of slide
Image What you see down the microscope
Focus Adjust to make image clear
Specimen The object you are looking at
Eyepiece lens The first lens you look down to see the objective lens
Objective lens The lens closest to the specimen
Magnification The increase in size ratio
Cell The basic unit of life
Cell surface membrane The layer that determines what goes in or out of a cell
Cell wall Layer outside the cell membrane for support
Cellulose Material that makes the cell wall of a plant cell
Chlorophyll Green substance inside chloroplasts
Chloroplast Organelle that contains chlorophyll for photosynthesis
Organelle Group of chemicals that work as a small organ for a cell
Cytoplasm The liquid inside the cell where chemical reactions take place
Mitochondria The organelle where respiration for ENERGY takes place
Nucleus The organelle that contains the DNA of the cell
Vacuole A storage organelle
Blood vessel Tube that carries blood
Organ system A group of organs that work together to do a job
Breathing system Organ system for oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange
Circulatory system Organ system to transport oxygen, glucose, water, carbon dioxide and other substances
Digestive system Organ system to that breaks down food to smaller molecules for absorption into the blood
Nerve tissue Tissue made of nerve cells and other types of cells
Nervous system Organ system for communication
Urinary system Organ system that cleans blood and removes wastes
Water transport system Organ system that carries water in a plant using xylem tissue
Organ transplant Replacing an organ from one organism to another
Created by: andrewweng0406