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7F Acids and Alkalis

Key words

Acid Acid A substance that releases hydrogen ions (H+)
Base A substance that releases hydroxide ions (OH-)
Alkali A soluble base
Caution To be careful
Diluted Adding water to make less concentrated
Toxic Poisonous
Irritant Cause soreness or sting
Concentrated A solvent containing a large amount of solute
Precaution A procedure to avoid harm
Indicator A dye that changes colour at different pH
Neutral pH = 7
pH The hydrogen ion concentration (integers represent multiples of 10)
pH scale 1 most acidic to 14 most alkali
Neutralisation Acid and base reacting to from water and a salt
Salt A positive metal ion forming an ionic bond with a negative non-metal ion (or polyatomic ion)
Antacid A medicine to neutralize excess stomach acid
Created by: andrewweng0406