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Chapter 5 Review

What is energy? the ability to do work
What is kinetic energy? the energy that an object has due to motion
What does kinetic energy depend on? the speed (velocity) and mass of an object
What is potential energy? energy that is stored and held in readiness
What is gravitational potential energy? potential energy that depends on the height of an object....for example, a person riding a swing
What is elastic potential energy? energy of a stretched or compressed object....for example, a rubber band
What is mechanical energy? kinetic or potential energy associated with motion or the position of an object
What is thermal energy? the total energy of particles in an object......thermal=heat
What is chemical energy? potential energy stored in chemical bonds
What is electrical energy? energy of moving electric charges
What is electromagnetic energy? energy of light and other forms of radiation
What is nuclear energy? energy stored in the nucleus of an atom (mostly from the sun)
What is energy conversion? a change from one form of energy to another
Lighting a match is an example of what type of energy conversion? mechanical energy to thermal energy or electromagnetic energy
Eating a sandwich is an example of what type of energy conversion? mechanical energy to chemical energy
What does the Law of Conservation of Energy state? Energy can never be created or destroyed.
Energy can only ___________ from one form to another. change
What are fossil fuels? a material that was formed hundreds of millions of years ago and stores chemical potential energy
What are some examples of fossil fuels? coal, petroleum and natural gas
Fossil fuels contain energy that comes from_____________ the sun
Fossil fuels release _______________ gases when burned. carbon dioxide
A lot of _____________ is lost to the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned. oxygen
The sun converts nuclear energy to _______________ energy. electromagnetic
Ancient plants and animals convert electromagnetic energy from the sun to stored ____________ energy. chemical
remains of plans and animals become __________ over millions of years. coal
Stored chemical energy in coal is converted to _____________ energy when the coal is burned to make steam. thermal
Thermal energy is converted to _____________ energy as turbines are turned by steam. mechanical
Mechanical energy is converted to __________ energy as turbines turn the electric generators. electrical
Electrical energy is converted to ___________ energy in your toaster. thermal
What are renewable resources? Resources that can be replaced in the future.
What are non-renewable resources? Resources that CANNOT be replaced in the future.
What are some examples of non-renewable resources? oil, natural gas, coal, petroleum
What are some examples of renewable resources? geothermal, solar, hydroelectric, wind
At which point does a pendulum have the most kinetic energy? at the bottom of its swing
At which point does a pendulum have the most potential energy? at the top on its swing
Friction converts mechanical energy to... thermal energy
Describe hydroelectric power. water is continually recycled from earth to the atmosphere, and back again. Affects the environment by taking up a lot of land and disturbing the natural flow of water.
Describe solar power. It is clean, abundant (lots of it) and unlimited Solar panels are used to collect sunlight and change it into electrical power.
Describe geothermal energy as a resource. Heat energy that can be collected from hot springs inside the earth. It is transformed into electrical energy.
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